I Want to Help You Build an Ultra High-End, 6-7+ Figure Business from Your Expertise that Gives You the Money & Freedom in Your Life You Want!

Hi, I’m Ann Carden,
I am considered a Top Strategic Business Growth Expert and Marketing & Sales Consultant/Coach with an International Company. I am a 3x Author and #1 International Bestselling Author, a Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, and the CEO of the Expert In You Brand & Media/Marketing Agency.

Entrepreneur Consultants, Professional Service Providers and Coaches work with me when they want bigger and better clients at higher fees and to scale a business that is sustainable with consistent growth, while leveraging their time to work less (not harder.)

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals consistently “Raise Their Personal Bar” to create unlimited success and an impactful life and business they love.

As a keynote speaker and educator, I have been blessed to impact many thousands of entrepreneurs, professionals, and owners from speaking on stages, workshops, seminars, being featured in the media, social media platforms, virtual speaking, guest interviews, and hosting my Expert In You podcast and show.

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My Story

After leaving a thirteen-year corporate position in business management running multi-million-dollar departments for a billion-dollar high-end retail company, I began my entrepreneurial journey as a stay-at-home-mom. I ran my first business from my home and employed several employees. That business became a successful international business (before the internet and technology we have today.) Over the past thirty years as an entrepreneur, I have built and sold five previous businesses. Today I own my current consulting/coaching company, and my Expert In You Media/Marketing Agency and Brand Products.
I began my consulting/coaching business over eleven years ago. I knew that my many years of business, marketing and sales experience, expertise, skills, and knowledge could help others achieve their dreams, and build financial freedom from their business and passion like I have done.

I have worked in over fifty different types of businesses and with several hundred entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and owners, as their coach/consultant.
When I first came into the coaching and consulting industry, I struggled to build the business I desired. I invested in many coaches, programs, organizations, and trainings that offered the wrong advice for me. It kept me stuck, unhappy, and frustrated. So, I took a step back and recreated my business to do what would give me the money, business, and life I wanted. This led me to create my “Expert In You” Method & Brand to help others build a high-end 6-7+ figure business with life freedom.

You can have the business, money, and life you most desire!

My life is wonderful, and I can be found traveling, doing adventurous things like skydiving, four-wheeling, zip-lining, water-skiing, and more. My greatest passion though is spending time with my husband (of forty years), kids, family, friends, and my 5-year-old triplet grandkids. Life is too short to waste.

With my “EXPERT IN YOU” Method, I will work with you to make bigger financial leaps, in less time, and accelerate your business growth, while having the freedom you want.

Why clients come to me…

  • They want to get bigger and better clients for Ultra-High fees ($30k, $50k, $100k, $200k+ clients.)
  • They are exhausted and want more freedom from their business while still growing.
  • They want to elevate & expand their brand and expertise for more influence, impact, and income locally, or globally.
  • They are tired of inconsistency in their business revenue/income.
  • They want to reach $25k+ months in their business consistently and predictably.
  • They want more stability and sustainability in their business.
  • They want to get ultra-high-end clients, and close more clients with ease.
  • They want to add additional services/products, automation, systems, and build a team.

I have helped hundreds of people just like you add 6, Multiple-6, and even Multiple-Figures to their business.

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