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There is a reason Ann Carden is considered an EXPERT in her profession and as a Top Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist.

With more than forty-one years of business, marketing, sales & management experience and coaching and consulting hundreds of coaches, entrepreneur’s and owners in more than forty different industries to more success, Ann knows what it takes to succeed in all areas of business.

After leaving a thirteen years corporate business management career where Ann managed multiple-million-dollar departments in a multi-billion-dollar national retail corporation, Ann began her first business twenty-nine years ago. Her first business started out of financial hardship and Ann was able to propel that business into the international market (before the internet and current technology.)

After selling that first business, she went on to start and build five more businesses to success. She has sold five of her six businesses and today she has a passion to help coaches, service professionals and entrepreneurs build their success to higher levels.

Ann is also a three-time published Author for business and marketing success and her latest books was a #1 International Bestseller. She has been featured on the affiliates of ABC, NBC, CW and FOX, among many other media out-lets. Her articles have been published in Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine, and she has been a featured guest on multiple podcast shows such as; “Business Innovators Ra-dio” podcast which can be heard at: BusinessInnovatorsRadio.com/Ann-Carden.

Ann was also chosen as one of the top coaches in the world by Six Figure Coach Magazine.

Through the years Ann has educated, influenced, and impacted thousands of professionals through keynote speaking, workshops, seminars, programs and digital platforms.

Ann’s “EXPERT IN YOU” 4 Pillar Proprietary Process (Create – Attract – Convert – Scale) to leverage your expertise and develop the rinse & repeat system to get more rapid growth with premium clients, higher profits, and more income and freedom. It is the missing strategic game-plan to skyrocket your business.

The things holding coaches, consultants and professional service providers back in their business is a business model that is not scalable or lucrative, inconsistent lead flow with premium clients, charging too low of fees, too low of conversions and a lack of additional revenue/income streams. 

Ann’s signature systems are built around helping her clients leverage their expertise to get and close high-paying clients, with a scalable and simplified rinse & repeat business system for rapid and consistent growth.

In this book Ann shares the winning formula to build a lucrative and impactful coaching and consulting business from your expertise.

Ann’s Recent Blogs

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