Branding Yourself to Own Your Power and Value with Betsy Jordyn

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Episode Summary –

Branding is about actively influencing how people think and feel about you. It means taking control of your value, making sure that what people perceive as your worth reflects who you really are and what you can offer. To do this, brand activation involves creating memorable experiences across each customer touchpoint so that their opinion of who you are lines up with your true identity and capabilities.

The key to successfully branding yourself and your business is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your value. You need to be intentional about how you present yourself so that people will understand the worth of what you are offering. It is important to remember that the price clients pay for goods and services is not necessarily a reflection of the true value, but rather it is an outcome of their perception.

In this episode, Betsy Jordyn talks about her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the branding space. She dives into the importance of brand activation and defining your value in order to set yourself apart from others. Listen to Betsy as she speaks about how finding your authentic self is key to growing a business and shaping your audience’s opinions.

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Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[01:44] How Betsy got to do what she does today in her business.

[05:36] Making money from who you are and your passion.

[09:48] The connection between branding and being paid your worth. 

[14:06] The importance of online presence in the present age.

[19:30] The subcontractor model and how to get smart around it. 

[22:14] Branding yourself, owning your power, and manifesting your value. 

[28:03] How to create a selling strategy that is relevant to your audience.

[32:59] Marketing and sales and how to overcome rejection and fear. 



About Betsy Jordyn –  

Betsy Jordyn is the founder and CEO of Betsy Jordyn International, a boutique branding firm that offers personalized mentoring and end-to-end creative design services to help high-achieving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs build profitable consulting and coaching businesses that they love. 

Betsy is also the host of the weekly Enough Already podcast, blog, and YouTube channel, with over 300 episodes. Through her company and her content, she is on a mission to empower accomplished professionals to make the shift from success to significance and achieve their full potential in their careers and in their personal lives.


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