Less than 1% of coaches and professional service providers get into multiple-six-figures or more in revenue/income.

Are YOU ready to be one of them?

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If you want to Level-Up and Scale-Up, you must make some shifts (many of my clients see fast results in as little as 30-60 days.)

The Expert In You Business Accelerator Program Includes:


Old thinking doesn’t get something new. Trying to operate and do the same things won’t work to get something different. Be prepared to make changes in both your business and yourself.


Better clients, higher fees, a rinse, and a repeat leveraged system that will include three revenue streams.


Your fast track to results. We will identify your fastest and highest financial impact opportunities to get you fast leaps.


Client Attraction Marketing System & Digital Assets. This Includes: 

  • Market – Whom you will sell to (your ideal clients.)
  • Message– What are you saying in your marketing? Does your message resonate with your perfect clients, grab their attention, and pull them in to you.
  • Media – The marketing methods you will use to get right in front of your ideal target with your perfect message?
  • Build Your Digital Assets – Optimize your online platforms, create your lead magnet, content, and your inbound marketing system
  • Positioning – We will help you stand out in a category one, and as an expert for what you do
  • Build Influence, Credibility, Trust, and Authority – Turning leads into believers to want to buy from you.
  • Elevate Visibility – Your ideal clients must see you, so they know about you. You must get visible! We help you use a leveraged approach to sell your services.
  • Nurture Your Audience & Keep Your Pipeline Full – stay top of mind to your ideal prospects until they are ready to buy from you.


Convert more prospects into paying by simplifying and streamlining your sales system to convert prospects with ease (typically in one conversation over a call) into paying clients. This is where money is made.


This is all about freedom and expansion. This includes implementing systems, and automation, building a team, and expanding services to add new lucrative revenue streams (mentoring, masterminds, retreats, digital products, programs, and courses.)

This program also includes a full DONE-FOR-YOU “Expert In You” Credibility & Visibility Package!

  • “Ask the Expert” Book – We get it done for you!
  • Syndicated Media Press Release
  • Guest Spot on a syndicated podcast across over 300 channels
  • 10-Page Media Kit to use for promotion to get speaking, media or podcasts opportunities
  • 3 Feature Marketing Clips & Graphics of Your “Strategic Edge Podcast” for promotion
  • Featured on the cover of Renegade Business Success Magazine
  • Inside featured article in Renegade Business Success Magazine
  • 25 printed books
  • 3/ 3-D graphics of your book for marketing promotional
  • Featured guest spot in my podcast – “The Strategic Edge” and the show in both audio and video format to use in your marketing.
  • Bonus Surprise worth thousands of dollars

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