There is only one YOU but are you capitalizing on it?

I really want you to have an amazing “2019.”


some shifts happening in our industry, and you should be aware of them if you want a higher level of success this year.

As I am sure you have noticed, the marketplace is becoming inundated with coaches and consultants, and many are feeling the pressure of competition.

However, you don’t have to worry because there is ONLY ONE YOU!!

This is why YOU need to be seen and found by your ideal clients.

It’s time to go smaller if you are ready to become bigger this year and this means…


People pay experts more money.

Think about a surgeon vs. a medical doctor. Who would you go to for surgery? Who gets paid more?

What this means for you is you need to drill down and choose a lane (not trying to be all things to all people.)

Be seen as an EXPERT!

How do you do this?

-What are YOU already great at?

-What feels really natural to you?

-What gets you excited?

-Where can you predictably get your clients the best results?

Once you get this dialed in, build your BRAND, AUTHORITY and YOUR VISIBILITY with the right marketing message and strategy to attract your perfect clients.

For example:

Think about a coach who helps you become a best selling author in a 3-day event.

Let me ask you…

If you wanted to become a best selling author in 3 days, would you pick this person over someone who just helps you get published?

What would you pay?

So, if you want to get paid more and build your business faster and easier, stand out and be seen as the EXPERT your ideal clients are trying to find.

Go SMALLER to become BIGGER!!

To your success,


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