Pricing Your Coaching and Consulting Services to Get Paid More Money

by Ann Carden | Expert In You Podcast

Episode Summary –

Do you feel your prices are much lower than what it should be? Would you like to charge more?

Are you working too much, but still aren’t hitting your financial goals? How you price and sell your services can be one of the biggest reasons behind this. Learn how you may be leaving a lot of money on the table and making your business harder to grow and scale.

“When you price by value, you are pricing by the outcome, result, or transformation you bring to your client.”

In this episode, I share one effective pricing strategy that has helped me and my clients increase revenue and income exponentially and have more freedom from our business.

Key Points:

  • Learn the mistakes to avoid so you can get paid more and what you deserve.
  • Learn the simple pricing strategy can be a game-changer for your business and life.
  • See how the “getting paid by the hour” strategy is a broken business model that will keep you underpaid.

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