This 12 Month Mastermind & Mentorship Program Is The Path To Accelerate To A $1M, Or Add $1M With High-Caliber Clients and Scalable Programs

Your Time To Level-Up & Scale-Up To A $1 Million Is Now!

You Get Higher Results by Getting Focused and Going All In.

This is what we do in the Expert In You – $1M Accelerator Mastermind & Mentorship program.

Whether you want to reach a $1M in 3, 6, or 12 months, the process is the same.

Scaling to $350,000+ doesn’t mean doing more or hustling and grinding. This process is a FREEDOM METHOD! It allows you to work less and make more money.

We want to help you SIMPLIFY and STREAMLINE scaling your business, so you get to love your business and the life your business can give you.

Our Expert-In-You Momentum Mastermind Will Help You:

Step #1- Redesign Your Revenue Offers – Create your unique ultra-high-fee client, mastermind or innovative revenue suite of offers to hit your goals.

Step #2 – Revamp Your Marketing – Step Into The Spotlight and implement the right visibility and client attraction marketing strategies and plan (customized for your business) to stand out in your niche as an Expert & Authority and generate high-quality leads and clients like clockwork. There is no one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach, so it’s time to stop chasing them.

Step #3 – Restructure Your Sales System – Simplify enrolling the perfect premium clients with ease and a payment structure that gives you more money in the bank and faster growth.

Step #4 – Rev-Up Your Revenue – Gain financial momentum and enjoy more freedom from your business while it grows. We help you implement the right things into your business to leverage your time and resources. My high-touch guidance and support will help you scale to unlimited levels while building a dream business and life.

See what my clients say...

Employ my specialized Expert In You (A-Z) process and sales approach to effortlessly pitch “Can’t Resist” offers to your perfect buyers and scale to $350k-$1 Million+.

Learn to up your sales conversion game generating greater interest in what you’re offering.


Transition to your next business phase: think groups, masterminds, retreats, VIP Days, and innovative programs.


Refine your existing skills, boosting your income without the struggle. Grasp what really influences buyers, ditching ineffective tactics. Watch your work quality soar and your client retention increase. 


Bonus: There are only six people per group, so the high-touch support is unlike other groups where you are a number in a sea of people. I don’t find those types of programs the right fit for high-level clients. The strategies you will learn and the help you will get will help you make money for years to come. What will that be worth to your business and life? There is always a next level and we are committed to help you hit yours. 🙂 



You will be given multiple next level marketing strategies and the right plan to help you elevate your brand as the go-to-in-demand expert and authority in your niche and reach your perfect high-level clients. Even one strategy can help you close hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in your business. Stack the many different ways to market your business and there is no limit to your success. You will never have to worry again about where your clients will come from. 

One thing that is very different about this mastermind/group cohort is that we work with you personally and privately on your gameplan in the first 30 days before you join the other group members. We want to make sure you have a clear revenue plan, brand identity, strong expert positioning and the right marketing plan in place before you join the group. This will ensure you are ready to execute and hit the ground running to scale your business to $350k and beyond. 

We meet virtually 3x a month as a group to give you the ongoing guidance and support you need to execute your plan, get results and scale your business. We are committed to your success. Additionally, the collaboration, and group support is beyond valuable.

We realize that there are times you need personalized support to help you on a deeper level. This is why you get 6-30 minute 1:1 calls that you can use over the twelve months whenever you need them. We don't ever want you to be without the support you are promised.

I want to help you elevate your brand and give you an excellent marketing piece that positions you as the go-to-expert. I put you on my podcast and promote you to my email list and across media channels for high-end exposure. 

Not only do we want to support you, we want to give you an incredible experience as part of this program. You will join us (included in your membership) for an all-inclusive (except travel) luxury business retreat and experience that will catapult you forward in your business, have a blast with fun excursions, and connect with other high-level entrepreneurs on a deeper level. Partnerships get built, business gets passed and friendships get developed in these retreat experiences. See the videos below!

Ann began working with elite coaches, consultants, and professional service entrepreneurs because she was frustrated with the strategies and tactics being taught in the industry, that were not helping her reach the levels in her business she desired.

After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in mentors, training organizations, programs, and coaches, Ann was burnt out and exhausted trying to grow her business with clients who were exhausting and draining, and weren’t paying her enough for the results she knew she could help them get.

She took a step back and redesigned how she was building her business, so she could bring in the right clients, get paid what she knew she deserved, to make the money she desired, while having an amazing lifestyle. This is how her “Expert In You Method” was created. Now she teaches others what she discovered to give them a dream business, and lifestyle. Ann Carden is a Strategic Business Growth Expert, 3 x Author, Speaker, and Podcast Host who has over 41 years of experience in business growth, marketing, and sales. 

She worked thirteen years in corporate business management responsible for the success of multi-million dollar departments, and has been an entrepreneur for the past thirty years. She has built six successful businesses from start-up, and has sold her five previous businesses. Ann has been coaching, and consulting others in business for over twelve years, and has helped entrepreneur’s and owners in more than fifty different industries. 

Ann was recently honored by being selected into Who’s Who In America for 2022-2023. She was additionally selected into Who’s Who In America for Professional Women. This is an honor that is by invitation only for achievements and impact. 


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