You can see why so many people trust Ann and the results these Professional Service Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Coaches have had with the “Expert In You Method”

“I met Ann 9 years ago when we were members in a business coaching organization. I noticed very quickly that Ann didn’t walk and talk like the rest. After we had left the previous organization we remained in contact and two years ago I attended one of Ann’s Expert In You Workshops. I became a client and with in weeks my business took off. Ann helped me leverage my talents into higher paying clients that appreciated my expertise. A few months ago I decided I wanted to be the top consultant in helping accountants and CPA’s profitably grow their business without working more hours and in fact working less hours. The choice was obvious to go back to Ann to help me achieve this. We are already off to a great start.”

Paul Roy
Business Consultant
“I’ve been working with Ann as my coach for almost 6 months now, and we have accomplished more than I accomplished in a year with another coach! Ann has such a depth of knowledge and experience that she has great insights and suggestions regardless of what question I spring on her! Her ideas are practical, not fluffy theory, and I leave our meetings knowing exactly what to work on next. I highly recommend Ann to any coach, consultant, or entrepreneur who’s trying to increase their visibility in their market!”

Karen (Castle) Hairston
Business Systems & Profitability Consultant
“Ann is the best with offering growth solutions. She really understands the market and helps clients develop awesome growth strategies.”

Michael Rager
CEO and Founder of Whiteboards N Whiskey
“Working with Ann Carden has been a game-changer for me. She showed me how to elevate my offerings and walked me through all the steps to revamp my LinkedIn profile, my website, my pricing, and my sales process. As a result, I’m getting better clients who are eager to pay my premium price for a white-glove experience.”

Nancy L. Erickson Nancy L. Erickson
Book Consultant | Stonebrook Publishing Owner
“Working with Ann for 2 hours has brought me more clarity than I have experienced in months with other mentors. And all of it completely aligned with who I am and what I already do.”

Ashley Rainsbarger
Productivity & Energy Coach
“This has been my best year in business! I have clients in all four time zones. Most of my clients are out of state. Working with you gave me the confidence to go bigger and to go out of state. For one of my latest clients, I closed a $15,000 deal the day she got the contract. I’m hoping to turn that client into an annual client.”

Kristy B.
Media Consultant
“Ann and I connected on LinkedIn (yes, it works!!) I had the pleasure of watching Ann in action during one of her exclusive client workshops and was a guest on her Expert In You podcast (episode 99). Her expertise is tested, proven and effective. She masterfully helps her clients to position themselves so they can command prices commensurate with their value. Ann is a true pro who gets her clients immediate results. I applied just one of her methods and landed a $33k client. Thanks, Ann!!”

Gwenne Wilcox
Brand Strategist & Consumer Experience Consultant
“Ann Carden is an excellent coach for us who enjoy working with high achieving, ambitious clients. Her knowledge, experience, and wisdom is reflected in every coaching session, she is accessible, and most importantly, guides through every step of marketing and coaching to get me to my next level of success so I can serve my clients better and with greater results!”

Derlene Hirtz
NLP Expert and Master Coach, Speaker


Beth was able to close three high-ticket clients within 6-weeks in my program and take her business to its next level.

Beth Boesel
Energy Practitioner/Healer


Raised his fees significantly and helped him create and package up his high-ticket program and launch his successful coaching business with his expertise.

Carlos Vargas
Starting a High-Ticket Coaching Business


“In just two weeks of working with Ann she helped me go from charging low fees to closing a $45,000 client!! I am just getting started. There will be many more of these.”

Amy Sahf
Sales & Marketing Business Strategist

“I highly recommend Ann Carden’s Business Coaching. Her process is comprehensive and addresses all of the major obstacles to business growth. She pushes me outside my comfort zone to accomplish things that would not be possible otherwise. If you are serious about growing your business, you need to hire Ann as your Business Coach!”

Barry Denny
Expense Management Consultant
“When I first spoke with Ann Carden about getting her coaching and consulting help for my company, I knew I needed and wanted the help but didn’t really think I could afford it. I quickly found I couldn’t afford to not to work with her. My business has tripled in less than a year and I am now working in smart ways to continue to grow and scale vs. making costly mistakes and wasting time trying to figure things out for myself. Ann not only guides me to make the best and most profitable decisions for my company, but she also keeps me accountable and focused on the highest-level money-making activities in my company. If you have any doubts about working with a consultant for the growth and profitability of your company, I cannot recommend Ann Carden enough. She has helped me take my business to places I have never dreamed of and I feel like we are just getting started.”

Sharon Chapman
Sharon Chapman Designs
“I was having trouble getting prospects and closing sales. Ann helped me work on new techniques to improve my skills and put some simple systems in place some systems in place to help me book more quality consultations and close more sales. Just two hours after we worked on my skills, I called back a prospect that had not hired me and was able to close her for thousands of dollars.”
Shannon Lemp
Shannon Lemp
Wedding Consultant
“The Expert In You Mastermind was life-changing for me. Ann helped me develop the right strategies to design a high-ticket program and launch it. I closed my first high-ticket customer within the first 60 days and my game changed. If you are not happy with your current business current state, I highly recommend working with Ann Carden!”

Marketing/Brand Consultant
“When I started working with Ann my business was struggling and I was spending so much time and energy trying to get clients. In the first 45 days of working with Ann, I closed a $30,000 client which was more than a 10X increase of any previous clients. As I learned the mistakes I was making in my marketing and business and put the right strategies in place, I was able to scale and explode my business to have my best year ever with almost a 500% increase. I did all of this by getting many hours back into my day by streamlining my business and marketing efforts. I recommend Ann Carden to any business or entrepreneur serious about growing and succeeding in their business.”

Curtis Bernard
Marketing Consultant
“This lady knows her stuff and is the person who can get your business to the next level in NO time !! I have worked with other business coaches, and I got no results. I love working with Ann Carden because we hit the floor running for some instant revenue! She is loaded with out of the box strategies, and my business grew and made more money in the first eight weeks!! She “gets it” folks. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. I continued with her as a coach and watched my business breakthrough to a level it had never been before in all my years in business more than doubling my business. Ann Carden Coaching is the BEST !!”
Angie Jameson
Angie Jameson
Fitness Coach

“Ann is a powerhouse of a coach!
She knows her stuff and she doesn’t hold anything back from her clients. One thing I love about working with Ann is that I KNOW my success matters to her. She cares deeply about her clients and she goes above and beyond to support them in getting results.

Since working with Ann I have leveled up my offer, radically increased my visibility, and have become a stronger and more effective coach.”

Carissa Karner
Strategic Leadership Coach
“I just recently started working with Ann to GROW my business to a Higher Level. As a Professional Growth Coach, I was confident in the services I offered but was struggling with some areas in Marketing and Sales.

Since starting with Ann, I have more Clarity, more Direction and a Higher-Level marketing strategy in place. To build a Successful Business you must step way out of your comfort zone. Ann has helped me do just that with 100% support every step of the way. She truly cares about my business success.

I’m thrilled to be on my way to receiving more High-End Clients and I could not have done this without Ann’s expertise. Thank you, Ann for going above and beyond.”

Shana Allen
Coach, Trainer, Speaker
“Ann Carden provides great coaching and consulting. Ann is clear, focused, and uses a system to move you ahead in your business growth and development. Beyond her knowledge and experience, Ann is a thoughtful, kind, and generous person who cares about her clients and the results they achieve.”

Sarah Boxx
Professional & Success Business Strategist
“Ann is a very experienced and valuable coach for coaches. She is truly excellent at helping clients such as myself see the key, important “trees” in the overwhelming “forest” For example, she has helped me to create the perfect positioning statement and although I do this for my clients all the time, it’s very hard to do it for yourself. A straightforward, no “fluff” communicator she always gives clear and honest feedback. Ann is a tremendous resource for anyone in the coaching industry and I recommend her without reservation.”

Philip Doublet
Business Coach
“Every coach and consultant needs their own coach to take it to the next level. Ann Carden is the coach I’ve invested in and I’m thrilled to say that I saw life-changing results in the two months. I’m now on track to a million-dollar business strategy coaching business. If you’re a coach or consultant, I highly recommend you have a conversation with Ann to see if you’re a good fit for her program.”

Business Coach
“Ann’s coaching is not only amazing, but I got an ROI very quickly by following through on what she guided me to do. I am having my best year ever in my business and I will hit levels in my business I never thought possible. I closed over $45k in only forty-five days, and I just closed the biggest client of my life. I no longer have to think about what or how to do something when things are finally working after spending years and money to try to find the right thing or the right person. I am now closing clients for as much money as I used to make in an entire year. My business has grown 10x

Dawn Cassara
Business Analysis, Project Management & Marketing Strategy Consultant
“I am so grateful that I found Ann. She showed me the true value of the results I am getting with my clients. I was able to 5x my fees, work less, and make much more than I ever have before. It’s been life changing for me and my family. I highly recommend working with her. This was truly the best investment in my business I have ever made.”

Kimberly Lebbing
Success & Mindset Coach
“Without question, Ann is one of the most accomplished business consultants I’ve run across in my more than 5 decades in business. She is expert in strategic planning, competitive marketing positioning that will attract the right clients who recognize and appreciate value when they see it, and who will happily pay premium prices to attain it. Ann is a resource that anyone serious about the success of their business should have on retainer.”

Martin Howey
Business Success Coach
“I had the privilege of being a guest on Ann’s podcast and attending one of her workshops on scaling your business. I’ve attended many of these in the past, and many were a waste of time, but not this one! Ann added so much value to me and the other attendees, sharing from her own journey and from the journeys of business owners she has coached. If you have the chance to learn from Ann, don’t miss it! Her podcast, YouTube channel, book, and workshops are chock full of value and insights. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

William Attaway
Leadership and Executive Coach
“Ann Carden was my Business Coach for a Year in a Mastermind Group. She was very encouraging and supportive. Always had great Ideas and she taught me business practices that I did not know and marketing techniques that were proof in the results. I am so thankful for the opportunity to working with her. Thanks Ann.”

Laura Lim
Professional video expert & Coach
“Ann was wonderful to work with. She delves deep into your unique experience and offerings for potential clients. It’s eye opening as I think we often sell ourselves short. Withing 6 weeks of our working together, with her expertise I had 2 new clients at a rate that represented my true value. If you’re truly ready to put in the work, Ann is the coach you need. I continue to use the tools she taught me, tools I wouldn’t have had without her.”

Nancy Sievert
Financial Processes & Systems Consultant
“Ann Carden is an Exceptional Business Entrepreneur Coach recommended to severe leaders who are profound about scaling their Business to the next level.
As I started ramping up my Rodney Lawson, LLC business, I had a few non-negotiable’s. Most importantly, I needed someone 10-20 steps ahead of me in setting up a coaching business focused on high-end Executives. Due to my 22+ years as an Executive in the Corp World, this posed a challenge. My wife and I interviewed 6-7 coaches before finding Ann Carder. We found Ann to be:
* Content Knowledgable (Proven Success; 15-20 Steps Ahead)
* Customer-centric
* Genuine
After working with Ann for a month, I have made great strides with my Business. I am excited to see how far I will take my company in 2023! If you are considering a Business Coach to take your company to the next level, Ann Carden is it!”

Rodney Lawson, MBA
Executive Sales Leadership & Team Consultant
“I was hired to video Ann while she presented at a local meeting. The information that she shared has helped me personally with networking and increasing my business. Reminding me of the basics of sales and sharing with people what I have and how I can help them. How to position myself, and why it so important to keep the pipeline full with qualified leads. Not all leads are good leads. I am so fortunate to have met and worked with Ann, I look forward to our continued collaboration.”

John Kaddouri
“It’s so important when we hang up our coaching shingle that we know exactly who we serve and what value we bring to the market. I’ve seen many models with varying complexities but Ann’s made the most sense for building a consulting business for experts who know they have something valuable. Now and then we meet masterful coaches in the industry whom we want to emulate. Ann is one of those people. If you’re ready to up-level your consulting business and ready to attract those high- value clients, I suggest you make Ann the first person you contact.”

Debbie Adams
Business Mentor

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