Tips to Build Real Teams That Win Even in Extreme Disruption with Robert ‘Cujo’ Teschner

Tips to Build Real Teams That Win Even in Extreme Disruption with Robert ‘Cujo’ Teschner

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Robert, a multiple award-winning fighter aviator, leader, and award-winning author of national bestselling books, shares amazing lessons he learned from the military. Learn how accountability, or lack thereof, is the key that shows whether a team is united or not. If you do not have a high-level performance team, it will be challenging for you to get traction. You are only as strong as your team.

This conversation with Robert ‘Cujo’ Teschner will give you advice on how to build your own successful team or grow your existing one.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:50] How Robert got into the coaching and training space.

[07:41] What inspired him to shift into what he does currently; teaching about accountability.

[11:20] Creating a wonderful brand; Top Gun Teamwork and how the name ‘Cujo’ came about.

[14:07] How Robert helps his clients build the best and most accountable teams.

[15:27] Taking the positive pieces he learned from the military to build a successful business and personal life. 

[21:21] ‘America’s best teams know how to make tomorrow better.

[28:03] What Robert offers in his coaching package.

[32:00] How Robert balances his career and personal life to ensure both thrive.


About Robert Teschner – 

Mr. Robert “Cujo” Teschner is a retired F-15 / F-22 fighter pilot. He is also a former F-15 Weapons School Instructor (the US Air Force “Top Gun” school), F-22 Fighter Squadron Commander, senior Joint Staff officer, and combat veteran. He holds advanced degrees in Operational Art and Science and National Security Strategy and has extensive experience in operational and tactical planning and organizational leadership.

From 2004 through mid-2006, he served as the US Air Force’s expert in post-mission debriefing, the methodology used by high-performing military teams to self-correct and improve continuously. He retired immediately after pinning-on full Colonel due to complications from colon cancer-related care and started a leadership and teamwork training company based in St. Louis, MO called VMax Group.  

Mr. Teschner is a multiple award-winning fighter aviator and leader, an award-winning writer and author of the national bestselling books, “Debrief to Win” and “Aiming Higher: A Journey Through Military Aviation Leadership.”

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