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You would like to use your skills and expertise to launch a coaching/consulting business. I help you with your business model, packaging your services and attracting and closing clients.

Already running a coaching or consulting business and you are ready to level up? I help you to grow and scale up your business FAST so you can reach your goals of Multiple-6 or 7-figures. Typically my clients see next level results within 30-60 days!

High-End Coach / Consultant 


Who is this for?

A business coach, consultant or business service provider who is ready to step into the next level in their business and break through $20k a month or more, FAST to begin growing and scaling to multiple-6 or 7-figures. Clients typically see results in as 30-60 days or less.

My 4-Step Process
  • CREATE –  The right HIGH-TICKET CORE OFFER and BUSINESS MODEL that’s scalable and will help you “Level Up” FAST. 
  • ATTRACT CLIENTS – Build your Authority, Credibility, and Brand with a marketing strategy to attract high-paying clients (online or offline) who are eager to work with you.
  • CONVERT CLIENTS – High-level sales process to convert prospects into clients for thousands of dollars with one phone conversation.
  • LEVERAGE & SCALE – Maximize Your Money and Optimize Your Operations to Build a Great Business, Bank Account and Life by reaching multiple-6 or 7-figures in your business without becoming a slave to your business or getting stuck in fulfillment.
Three Options to work with Me
  • 1:1 Private Consulting – This is a customized coaching/consulting where we will determine your fastest path and how to take quick action to get results and breakthroughs.

  • 8-Week Group – This is a 3-Step program to your reach your next level and is a weekly group mastermind. In this program, we focus on Your High-Ticket Core Offer, Attracting Clients and Sales Process to give you a RINSE & REPEAT SYSTEM you can use whenever you want or need clients.

  • PRIVATE VIP DAY – This is an intensive ½ day or full day with me to strategize what you need for a breakthrough or to help you get what you need, fast.  We meet online or you can travel to spend the time with me in person.

Start-Up Coach / Consultant 


Who Is This For?

Do you have skills and expertise you would like to package up to launch a coaching or consulting business?

Are you Struggling to breakthrough to $100k? 

This program can give you everything you need to break through to new levels or provide you with what you need to launch in 30-60 days.

Program Includes
  • Package Up Your Expertise into a Program that People Will Want (create your core high-ticket OFFER)
  • If you have your services and offers already created, we will assess those and see how to make them better
  • Determine WHO Your Ideal Clients
  • Learn the Marketing Formula for Success
  • Assess and fix current marketing you are doing
  • Message to MARKET – Create the right message to attract your ideal clients
  • Create the Marketing Strategy & Tactics you will use to attract your ideal clients (Online or Offline)
  • Build your online presence and AUTHORITY
  • Get Sales Calls Booked!
  • Qualification Process for Sales Calls
  • Sales Process to Close Prospects into Clients
  • Get your process working!!
Three Options to work with me
  • 1:1 – Private Coaching/Consulting
  • Group Program – 8 Week Program
  • 8-Week Course

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