Do you have skills and expertise you would like to package up to launch coaching or consulting business?


Do you feel like you are all over the place and lacking CLARITY on what you should be selling, to whom and how?


Maybe you are a coach and consultant and you are STRUGGLING to break through to your first $100k? 

See some of the amazing and FAST results my clients have had!

“Ann, thank you for everything you have done. You have totally changed my life! I am so glad I found Ann as a coach to invest in first. I hear so many stories of coaches hiring coaches and wasting their money. Ann was worth every single penny. As a result of her program, I was able to partner with someone that put me right in front of 27,000 of my target clients.”

 – Cynthia Wagner – Owner, Creative Marketing Methods

Raised his fees significantly and helped him create and package up his high-ticket program and launch his successful coaching business with his expertise.

 – Carlos Vargas – Starting a High-Ticket Coaching Business!

Beth was able to close three high-ticket clients within 6-weeks in my program and take her business to its next level.

 – Beth Boesel – Energy Practitioner/Healer

Niki had been trying for six months to launch her coaching business and nothing was happening. She was not getting interest. Within a few weeks of working with Ann restructuring her offer, her marketing strategy and her sales process, she was was filling her calendar with sales calls from interested prospects

 – Niki Lonjers – Business Coach

“Ann, I can’t thank you enough! Your program is exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Ann, she is a pro! Ann was well worth the investment.”

Adam Taivalkoski

Business Coach

“When I started working with Ann my business was struggling and I was spending so much time and energy trying to get clients. In the first 45 days of working with Ann, I closed a $30,000 client which was more than a 10X increase of any previous clients. As I learned the mistakes I was making in my marketing and business and put the right strategies in place, I was able to scale and explode my business to have my best year ever with almost a 500% increase. I did all of this by getting many hours back into my day by streamlining my business and marketing efforts. I recommend Ann Carden to any business or entrepreneur serious about growing and succeeding in their business.”

Curtis Bernard

Marketing Consultant

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you are starting or just starting your Coaching or Consulting Business.

In Start-Up Coach/Consultant Program, we will create a SCALABLE RINSE & REPEAT SYSTEM to GET and CLOSE CLIENTS over and over again to get you to your first $100k or breakthrough to add an additional $100k in 12 months!

  • DEVELOP or RE-PACKAGE YOUR Expertise into an Irresistible and Unique OFFERS Your Ideal Clients Will Want at HIGHER PRICES.
  • Determine WHO Your Ideal Clients are and HOW TO GENERATE ALL THE LEADS YOU WANT (ONLINE OR OFFLINE) – Message, Niche (or ideal clients), Media (how and where to market.)
  • Build up your ONLINE PRESENCE to STAND OUT, BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE and YOUR CREDIBILITY to position you as the expert for your services.
  • AUTOMATE & LEVERAGE – Automation and funnels, building a team, leverage your time and scale up by adding new revenue streams.

12 Month Group Program

This is a 12-month Group Program that will give you everything you need to break through to new levels or provide you with what you need to launch in 30-60 days.

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