3 Proposal Mistakes Consultants and Professional Coaches Make That Costs Them Time and Sales

3 Proposal Mistakes Consultants and Professional Coaches Make That Costs Them Time and Sales


Well, maybe it’s just how things are done in our industry, or maybe you’re not comfortable with the sales process and don’t know how to close a sale. Or writing a proposal sounds easier because then the prospect can decide when they get it in their inbox.

This is not how a proposal should be used!


If you can articulate your process into three to five simple steps in a framework for clients to see what they’re buying, and you can demonstrate the result or transformation of the offer, you can often eliminate a proposal altogether.


Another mistake people make is using the proposal to close the sale, often through email. You shouldn’t write a proposal until the sale is closed. What I mean is when you’re in a conversation with the prospect, you uncover all the things they need and show them how you can help them. Then you get the “yeses,” because you’re the person they want to hire, then the proposal becomes just the finalization of the deal.

That’s a different process than trying to close with the proposal, right? So, get the ‘yeses’ and make sure the sale is closed before you ever write the proposal.

If you do need to use a proposal. After they’ve said they want to work with you and given you their budget, you may want to show them a few different options that they can look at to determine which would be the best fit for them. 

Do not email the proposal, make sure that you have another conversation with them two to three days out. Then, get on a call or face-to-face again to go over those options so they can choose, and then it’s a done deal.

Be the expert and take charge of your sales process!  

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