4 Powerful Online Marketing Strategies to Attract and Influence High Ticket Clients

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Ann Carden unpacks effective strategies for establishing online authority, leveraging LinkedIn for high-paying clients, and the power of content in audience attraction. She emphasizes the importance of sharing achievements and experiences and explores the concept of virtual, scalable speaking. The episode concludes with a recap of strategies and an invitation to the Expert In You Retreat.

Key Moments:

  • Positioning oneself as an expert, authority, or specialist online is crucial for elevating a brand and being recognized by the right audience.
  • Utilizing LinkedIn effectively is key for connecting with high-end clients like CEOs, influencers, and millionaires, as it has twice the buying power of other platforms.
  • Creating powerful content and engaging in virtual speaking opportunities, such as podcasts or live streams, can attract high-ticket buyers by building trust and demonstrating expertise.

Ann Carden is a highly sought-after Expert Business Growth Consultant, Marketing Strategist, three-time published author, and a #1 Bestselling Author and Professional Speaker for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

With more than forty-one years of business experience and coaching and consulting hundreds of coaches, entrepreneurs, and owners in more than forty different industries to more success, Ann knows what it takes to succeed in all areas of business.

After spending thirteen years in corporate business management, Ann started her journey as an entrepreneur, building businesses for herself for twenty-nine years. Her first business started out of financial hardship, and Ann was able to propel that business into the international market (before the Internet).

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