4 Ways to Double or Triple Your Coaching, Consulting, or Professional Services Business

What would your business and life look like if you could rapidly double or triple your business? Would it be life-changing or set you on a course to go much bigger?

Either way, it would most likely make a significant difference that would feel amazing, right?

Well, after working with hundreds of professionals and business owners to do this, the process is the same for everyone.

Identify the gaps and impact opportunities and put the right pieces in place to make this happen.

There are really only four things I look at when I am assessing coaches, consultants, or professional service businesses to help them scale (you can look at these things too).

I believe in helping coaches, consultants, and professionals build an expert business (they must be good at what they do, of course), I have discovered that this is the fastest path to doubling, tripling, or even getting 5x financial leaps, but let’s keep the numbers small for the sake of this article.

Here are four ways to double your business (there are many more, but I will talk about four of them).

  1. You can double your prices (fastest way)
  2. You can double your leads (takes time or money)
  3. You can double your average sale (fast)
  4. Or you can double your sales conversion (fast)

Now, to throw a little fuel on this, do them all!

Let me explain in more detail and walk you through the exact assessment process to identify the gaps and opportunities to determine how you can double or triple your business.

  1. The RIGHT BUSINESS STRUCTURE/MODEL [offers & services]

How are you selling your services?

Are your services packaged up in a way that is clear what your ideal clients would be buying (your offers must feel almost tangible) with an outcome, result, or transformation? Keep in mind that 70% of sales come from solving a pain point or a problem vs. 30% from buying into a desire or improvement. ONE CORE IMPACT OFFER is the fastest path to growth and scaling your business.

Are you selling what your ideal clients most want (your offers should be a no-brainer and irresistible)? Think about an offer of 100 Days to $100k or $10k in a Day or 90 days to Find A Soul Mate. It is clear what you are buying. My “Expert In You” Program – Double+ Your Business in 12 Months or Less (many of my clients do this in as little as 60 days) & Scale-Up!

How are your offers and services priced? If they are priced too low, you may not be able to handle the volume without giving up too much of your freedom. If you are excellent at what you do, you may need to step up to pricing like an expert vs. an amateur. If you are selling too low or by the hour, you don’t look like an expert, and you will repel premium clients. Are you getting clients for $15k, $25k, $50k, $100k, or much more? It doesn’t take very many clients at these fees to make giant financial leaps.

See the power of doing this with a couple of my client stories and results.

Client Result…

Amy was undervaluing her expertise and undercharging for her services. She was excellent at what she did, but she was not making the money she wanted when she first came to me. She was discounting her consulting services and working with difficult clients. She was frustrated with her business and almost ready to give up. Her top offer was around $3k for a 90-day package.

We had only been working together for about a week when she got a prospect interested in her help. Amy sent me an email with what she was going to offer the client, and she said she was going to raise the price to $10k for this prospect. I helped her restructure things, and she closed the client for $48k. This was 16x her original prices (not double.)

Client Result…

Curtis had been in his marketing business for three years. He was also struggling with how he was charging for his services and how he was selling his services. With an ala carte approach, he was consistently writing proposals that didn’t close, and his top service was priced at about $2.5k. Curtis was exhausted trying to have success in his business.

We restructured how he was selling his services by giving him packages vs. a la carte, and we repositioned him in the market. It made it easy for people to see what they were buying. We priced his packages at premium prices. Within about 45 days of working together, he closed a $30k client. His business continued to explode over the next twelve months, and he experienced 500% growth. He had now reached a place where he now had to expand his team to take on more work and continue to scale up.

  1. ATTRACT & INFLUENCE CLIENTS (marketing system)

This includes:

Market – Whom are you selling to (your ideal clients.) Can your target market support what you want to charge? Often people can’t raise their prices because their targeting is off. Choose one market or niche. By choosing one, you will simplify your marketing, streamline your business, and it will help you stand out as an expert.

Message– What are you saying in your marketing? Does your message resonate with your perfect clients, grab their attention, and pull them in to learn more? If you are reading this article, my message has done that to you. 😉

Media – What marketing methods are you using to get right in front of your ideal target with your perfect message? You must be where they are! Often when people are marketing their business, they start with the media first, which is wrong. We call this a spray-and-pray marketing approach. Until you know whom you are trying to reach, you can’t know where they are.

Positioning – Do you look like everyone else or do you stand out in a category of one, the expert for what you do? Is it clear who you help, what solution or transformation you provide, and exactly how you do that?

Build influence, credibility, trust, and authority – can you do what you say you can do? Can people clearly see that you are a rock star? Can you, in great detail, show them how you do what you do (like I am doing in this post)? This can be done by educating your audience in great detail, social proof, expert assets (such as your own book), recommendations from others, client case studies, testimonials, etcetera.

Elevate Visibility – your ideal clients must see you, so they know about you. You must get visible! I love helping my clients use a leveraged approach to getting in front of their perfect clients. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Building your audience (social media, workshops, seminars, hosting a podcast, summits, events).
  2. Leverage other people’s audience (that is the same as yours) like speaking at someone else’s event, doing a joint venture, or as a guest on a podcast, show, or in the media.
  3. Paid visibility (like running ads, direct mail, buying media spots, etcetera).

In my “Expert In You” consulting process, my clients get an incredible “Expert In You “visibility package as part of my services to help them rapidly accelerate their brand and visibility.

You can see it in the image.

Nurture Your Audience – Everyone is not ready to buy from you immediately. So, you must continue to stay in front of your ideal clients and bring them value. Move them down the buyer’s journey path. This is how you will turn someone who sees you and is interested in what you do into a hot prospect (and hopefully a paying client).

  1. SALES PROCESS (convert more prospects into paying clients)

Simplify and streamline your sales system to convert prospects with ease (typically in one conversation over a call) into paying clients. This is where money is made. If we can make it easier for you to convert sales, you can stop losing business, and you will not need as many leads to get the same results. Remember, if you can double your sales conversion, you can double your business!

Client Result…

Sharon owns an interior design company. She was spending too much time doing consultations and providing design plans and proposals to land clients. Her business was not making the money she wanted, and the sales process was long and cumbersome. We streamlined her sales process into a 4-step easy-to-see process she could share with clients in the first meeting. As a result, she began landing almost every consultation with less time and effort.

We also repositioned Sharon in the market as an EXPERT in a category of one. Her business exploded. She has been chosen as the top designer in her local market and was selected for one of the most prestigious design projects that landed her ten new $20k-$40k clients during the pandemic, and she has more to come. Sharon is still a current client of mine, and her business will likely reach a million dollars this year (she talks about this in an interview I did with her on my podcast.) Her goal is to be a national multiple-million-dollar company.

  1. LEVERAGE & SCALE (this is the freedom and expansion)

This includes implementing systems and digital assets, building a team, automation, expanding services, and adding new lucrative revenue streams (mentoring, masterminds, retreats, digital products, programs, and courses).

There you have it. How to double or triple your coaching, consulting, or professional services business. I hope you found this valuable. If you are excellent at what you do, are you missing out on more money, better clients, and opportunities in your business?


I hope you found this helpful, and if you genuinely are someone with expertise, knowledge, skills, and expertise, I hope you will make the shift required to get paid what you deserve.

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