5 Shifts to Get Bigger Coaching and Consulting Deals & Clients in Corporations or Businesses

How can you get bigger and better clients for your coaching or Consulting business so you can get paid much more per client and grow your business?

 I’m going to break down five powerful shifts you can make in your business to close bigger deals, get much more money per client, and even keep your clients longer.

 Let’s Dive In!

1. STOP Thinking So Small

Many leadership coaches, business coaches, consultants, and trainers think too small when selling their services. Instead, they often think about themselves as a technician, extra pair of hands, trainers, coaches, or someone who comes in and provides a program.

 If you think like this, I can guarantee you are leaving money on the table.

You can expand your thinking to become a more significant part of a company or an organization. However, if you have a lot of expertise and value you can bring to your clients, and you are seen and treated like an employee, trainer, technician, or more hands, you will not get paid what could get paid or what you deserve.

Expand your thinking and change that mindset so you can turn a twenty-five-thousand-dollar engagement into a two hundred- and fifty-thousand-dollar engagement or a ten-thousand-dollar workshop into a hundred-thousand-dollar engagement.

2. Be Seen as An Expert & An Authority

You can position yourself differently in your marketing and sales conversations to show that you have much more value. Don’t just do “leadership training”; anyone can do leadership training. People can buy leadership training and be a facilitator, right? You want to put yourself in a category of ONE and be seen as a top-notch expert with more to offer. 

Strengthen your positioning online, so your ideal prospects can clearly see that you are excellent at what you do and can do more than deliver training or coaching.

I recently helped a new client do this, and the results were fantastic. Nancy closed three new ultra-high-end clients within ninety days (5-10x higher fees for the same work), and she has high-level banks and professionals wanting to partner with her for her services. They are even offering her speaking engagements to her perfect clients. This is the power of Expert & Authority positioning. You can see the interview I did with her here!

If you want to look like the Lamborghini (the premium service) and not the cheap used car they can price shop around for, you need to fix your positioning in the market and online.

 3. Become a Strategic Partner & Trusted Advisor

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 When you start thinking of yourself as a strategic partner and a trusted advisor, and you begin presenting yourself and your services this way, bigger opportunities will open for you. This is where the big deals are.

 Think about how you can work with clients and organizations on a bigger scale. Think about how your services can impact other areas of a company.

An example of this would be…

You work with sales teams, but could your services help other areas or divisions in a company or organization? If you don’t show this to your clients, they won’t think of it or know. What else can you do with them to impact and bring lasting transformation to your clients?

When you consider yourself a strategic partner or a trusted advisor, you’re partnering with them for longer engagements and higher success. This is powerful because now you become part of their team and organization.

 4. STOP Writing Proposals

Stop writing proposals and start co-creating solutions and agreements. When you are in a sales conversation, uncover everything they need to help them reach their big goals. How can your services fit into their company’s or business’s big-picture vision or goals?

Make sure that you are co-creating the solution for the things they want and the things you know they need to help them get the desired results. It’s much more powerful to structure your sales conversations this way because you’re getting their buy-in all along the way. In addition, it eliminates the need to write proposals, and you can close the deal often in one conversation.

If you start developing this partnership from the beginning in the initial sales conversation, they will already see what it is like to work with you. They will already think of you as a partner and advisor who cares about them and their wants. 

5. Get a “YES” and BIGGER FEES

If you want to seal the deal and get more significant fees, you must clearly articulate the value of the investment you are asking them to make.

You may already know this, but often coaches and consultants need to do a better job with this. So consider, if you can help an organization grow its profitability by, say, 10 million dollars, could you charge a hundred thousand dollars, five hundred thousand dollars, or even a million dollars for that engagement? Yes!

A good rule of thumb is five to ten times the return on their investment. This is one way to create value. You always want to use their numbers and not yours. Speaking in hypotheticals based on your ideas won’t work to close deals.

Use examples of other clients you have worked with and the results you helped them get. If you don’t have an example, you can use industry statistics and standards to show them the impact your work can have and why the investment makes sense. When you can do this effectively, it will also establish your credibility and authority with them.

I teach my clients to go one step further and attach the value back to the person they are speaking to so they get their emotional buy-in. What would your work and impact do for them personally? If you want to seal the deal, make it personal too and not just about the rewards for their company.

When you do this, you’re going to have a winning engagement. As a strategic partner, you could keep that client for years. 

Stop thinking so small and expand your thinking. Position yourself as the expert and authority with the solution and expertise they have been seeking. Be their partner for success. This is where the big deals happen.

I hope you found these five things valuable. Implement these changes in your business and watch your business soar. If you need some help and are ready to invest in yourself to get that help, book a call with me!

 I will look at what you’re currently doing, and we’ll see how we can maximize your expertise, experience, knowledge, and skills to help you get bigger and better deals and clients.

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