5 Ways to Grow Your Business and Income from an Expert Book

5 Ways to Grow Your Business and Income from an Expert Book

A book, or an Expert book, is a powerful tool in your business that can help add income, and it can help grow your business in a lot of different ways. An expert book is a digital asset; you can leverage it everywhere.

It’s a powerful tool in your business that add income by selling it, but it can help you grow your business in a lot of different ways too.

  1. A book can be leveraged for speaking engagements.

Leveraging your book will open more opportunities to speak, be on podcasts, and get invited to new communities. You can leverage it when reaching out because you’re a bestselling author or you have a book around your expertise. Seeing this, people will often want you on their podcast or to talk to their community, and then you can leverage their audience to grow your business.

  1. A book elevates your brand and positioning in the market.

When you have a book on Amazon or have a best-selling book, it’s going to show up on the first page of google. So, you are building digital assets, credibility, authority, and strengthening your positioning in the market.

Positioning is the outside perception people have of you. Your brand, your business, and your expertise all build credibility in positioning. If you have weak positioning, you’re going to miss opportunities.

Nothing demonstrates credibility more than a book that walks people through your process, exactly what you do, your story, and all of the elements that go into making you the expert that you are.

  1. A book can be a blueprint for products.

You can use components of your book to create coaching programs, courses, mastermind groups, workshops, or seminars. There are so many opportunities to bolt on, you can create a whole suite of products around your book.

  1. A book can be used as a value-add to close a bigger deal.

A leadership or executive coach, or a speaker could close an engagement by including copies for everyone in the organization who is taking the training.

Not only would you add value to what you are selling but have now leveled yourself above the competition and even make them irrelevant.

  1. A book can be used as a business card.

Nothing speaks credibility in authority more than a book around your expertise.

As you attend business meetings or conferences, or any of the things that you normally do, take books with you, and use them as a business card.

If you have a potential prospect or partnership opportunity, sign your book, and give them a copy; people love it and will not throw it away.

These five strategies are meant to help you think bigger than just ‘selling a book’. Use it to make even more money by growing your business.

If you would like help with your expert book or you don’t feel like you have one that can bring you more business, reach out and let’s talk about your credibility and visibility package.


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