6 Reasons Why Your Consulting or Coaching PROPOSAL PROCESS Needs To Be Fixed

Here are 6 reasons why your Consulting or Coaching PROPOSAL PROCESS needs to be fixed to get more deals, bigger deals, and higher fees.

If you are a B2B coach, consultant, or marketing owner stuck trying to grow your business from low six-figures into $500,000 or much more, your proposal and sales process may be keeping you from doing this.

If you are stuck in the $8k-$12k a month cycle, you are most likely operating like an employee in someone’s business, like an extra pair of hands.

You’ll need to fix your proposal process as soon as possible to take your business to the next level and start earning $30k, $50k, or even $85k monthly.

This is the biggest obstacle facing many low six-figure consultants, and coaches, preventing them from scaling their business, landing better clients, and commanding higher fees.

Here are 6 common issues that may be hindering the success of your proposals:

  1. Emailing a proposal to try and close the sale. This is a BIG mistake. Big deals don’t get closed over an email; they get closed in conversations. When done correctly, it then becomes an agreement versus a proposal.
  2. Not having a deep enough understanding of the client’s needs, the results they are looking for, and how that fits into their overall big-picture goal. This allows you to understand WHY they want what they want and move into a “transformational” offer with recurring monthly revenue versus a project transaction (one and done.)
  3. Not co-creating the solution with them to show them what they need to achieve the desired results, not just their wants. They don’t know what they need to get what they want, so you must be the expert and show them. Don’t be an order-taker.
  4. Not discussing their budget before you spend the time with them to create a solution.
  5. Failing to establish yourself as a trusted advisor or strategic partner for success.
  6. Focusing more on the deliverables and less on the outcomes. This puts you in a commodity category that will encourage them to price shop around.


So, the proposal isn’t the problem. The problem is your sales process.


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