There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Social media has been a game-changer for anyone wanting to build a highly successful business.

However, there is a clear path to making social media work. Here are six common mistakes I see coaches and consultants making on social media that are hurting their business.  These mistakes are keeping them from getting the right clients and making sales. Additionally, many are wasting time and money trying to get results.

What are the six common social media mistakes you might be making that are costing you, and keeping you from growing your business?


Many are doingwhat we call “spray and pray.” Just spraying content everywhere and praying it works, also known as “hope marketing.” You must have a clear strategy on social media to get your desired results. Many burn up time, energy, and money without results. When you have a clear strategy, you can reverse engineer and start with the end in mind, figuring out the steps that ensure you hit your end goal.

You must know what you’re trying to accomplish in everything that you’re doing, and you must put a strategy in place to accomplish it. Everything you post on social media must have a clear purpose of what you are trying to get from it. Without this, you are wasting time.


Positioning is the outside perception people have of you, your brand, and your business. When your ideal client sees you, they will be attracted or repelled in the first three seconds.

If your positioning is on point, the right people will be pulled into your ecosystem wanting to know more. Strong positioning shows you as a credible expert, a thought leader, an influencer, and someone who gets incredible results for your clients, and it shows other people promoting you. Strong positioning elevates you as the obvious choice and authority in your niche. Strong positioning speeds up the know, like, and trust factor with your ideal people.

If you’re positioning is weak, you’re going to miss out on getting the best clients, revenue, bigger opportunities, and partnerships. Don’t be the best-kept secret (get highly visible) and don’t make growing your business harder because you aren’t positioned as the expert you are. Strengthen your positioning to be seen in the right way, by the right people.


Your message, what you’re about, and what you want to be known for must be relevant to your market. Do you understand your market better than they understand themselves? Does this show in all your marketing to attract and influence your ideal buyers?

When a consultant or coach is not getting the right clients, discounting their prices, or not getting enough leads for all their hard work, it’s a relevance and positioning problem and not a problem with the coach or consultant’s work. Often, they believe they deserve more money, and that they should be getting better clients, but what they are saying in their marketing and content and what their ideal clients are seeing is not resonating, so they don’t respond.

Unless you understand what your market wants, how they think, and how they buy, you are going to have a hard time being relevant to them.

Also, sharing client results and testimonials relevant to your market is powerful content to influence buyers, so don’t keep these a secret or only put them on your website.


When you are building your personal brand on social media, you want to create momentum to get results, and this requires consistency. If you want the algorithms to help you get seen by more people, you need to be consistent in your marketing online. Your market needs to see that you are serious about your business and what you do.

FYI: If all you did was post once a day and then repurpose your content across five platforms, by the end of the year that’s 1,820 pieces of content out into the online world providing ways for you to be seen and found. And, of course, by posting more often, you will multiply this number.


Many coaches and consultants are simply on the wrong platform to bring in the clients they desire.

High-level CEOs are not hanging out in Facebook groups, on TikTok, or on Instagram. They’re on LinkedIn. You’ve got to know where your people are and spend your time there. I highly recommend that you do repurpose your content, so it shows up everywhere, but you want to be seen and spend most of your where your people are if you want to grow your business and not waste time.


If you want to speed up the know, like and trust factor with your market and influence buyers, you must educate your audience and show them the methods you use to help them get the results they want. This is the most powerful content you can post to grow your business.

By educating your audience with your brilliance and allowing people to easily see your method to help them get the results they want or need, you will get more people to book on your calendar and make more sales. Often, people will reshare other people’s posts, or quotes, or put little memes up, but there’s no real depth in what they are posting. They’re not showing how they are good at what they do, their experience, or exactly how they work with their clients. If you do, you’ll stand out and get more traction on social media.

Don’t allow your ideal buyers to wonder about how you can help them and what your exact method is. If they can’t easily see that you know what they want and how you can help them get what they want, you will miss out.

Social media has changed the game in business. So, leverage it if you want to build a multiple-six and seven-figure business. Plus, it’s an incredible opportunity to market and be seen all over the world.

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