6 Steps to Add $100k or More to Your Coaching and Consulting Business with ONE Virtual or Live Event

6 Steps to Add $100k or More to Your Coaching and Consulting Business with ONE Virtual or Live Event

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Episode Summary –

There are many challenges that can surface when trying to hold virtual events. Whether it’s people not showing up, registering but not coming, dropping off, or having the wrong people in the room – it can be frustrating. There is a way to improve your events, and a smaller-events strategy is a game changer.

With a smaller-event strategy, you don’t need hundreds of people in your event. And it’s so simple, you can almost pop it up and do it whenever you want since you don’t need a lot of people. The best thing is that you will also get the right people in the room, so your conversion rate will be higher.

In this episode, I share six steps to add 100k to your business within 60 to 90 days with one virtual or live event and with only a handful of people.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Some of the problems we face with virtual events and how to improve them.
  • Six steps to create a three-day virtual event and why you should not charge a low fee:
    • Step One: Start with the end in mind and reverse engineer it. Remember your title and content are what sell your event.
    • Step Two: Do the math – pricing and how many people you want in the room matter.
    • Step Three: Velvet rope strategy. Qualify and vet people to make sure you’re putting the right people in the room.
    • Step Four: Give real value and run an awesome event. Don’t hold back. Give your heart and serve.
    • Step Five: Don’t sell in your event. Instead, get people to want to buy.
    • Step Six: Get a follow-up call from the attendees for feedback to improve and grow your business.
  • Why you should have a premium offer that brings high-end clients

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