7 Mistakes B2B Professionals Make & How to Avoid Them

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Episode Summary –

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Expert in You podcast! In today’s episode, we focus on breaking out of the low six-figure trap or hamster wheel that B2B consultants and coaches often find themselves in. The host shares the seven biggest mistakes that these professionals make, including not having a clear offer, undervaluing their expertise, and not having a consistent marketing strategy. Specializing and building a business around expertise leads to faster success and avoids being seen as a commodity.

You’ll learn that having a clear offer and pricing based on value and impact leads to higher fees and bigger clients. Strong positioning through clear messaging, credibility, and authority attracts ideal clients and leads to more bookings.


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

02:45 – The seven biggest mistakes that consultants and coaches make.

06:20 – The importance of specializing and building a business around expertise. How to create a clear offer with tangible outcomes and avoid undervaluing your expertise.

12:30 – The importance of strong positioning in the market.

15:40 – The benefits of having a consistent marketing strategy and not relying too much on referrals.

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