8 Steps to Getting More Coaching, Consulting & Professional Service Clients

If I ask a coach, consultant, or professional service provider what they most want or need in their business, they almost always say more clients. How about you? Would you say the same thing?

However, let’s break down what this really means because “more clients” is the result of a few different things. Understanding the moving parts and how to make them work is how you can create a predictable and consistent system.

Though I teach my clients how to make much more money per client, so they don’t need hundreds or thousands of clients is the first step to simplifying your business and marketing efforts.

Once you get the lead generation process dialed in and working with consistency, the sales process is how you actually close clients and get the money.

Let’s break things down to see where you might have gaps that keep you from getting more clients. And not just clients, but your dream clients who will happily pay you what you deserve. No leftovers for you! Learn to market and sell like a pro and then you can build a team to do this for you and really explode your business.

FYI, getting referrals is not a proactive marketing system unless you have a proactive marketing system to get referrals. Without having complete control over your marketing and lead generation, you are leaving your business to chance, and your growth will depend on what others do for you. This is not predictable, consistent, or even manageable. With a system, you have control to ramp it up and do more if you need more or dial it down if you need to slow things down.

Here are the 8 steps to generate leads to get more clients.

Step #1 – What do you want to be known for? 

What is your specialty? You must put yourself in a category of one to stand out and make your competition irrelevant. Next, create the perfect message that will resonate with your dream clients. Your message should pull them in or push them away.

Step #2 – Where and how should you be marketing? 

Determine where your dream clients are and where they hang out. That is where you should be! If they are on LinkedIn, market on LinkedIn. If they are on Facebook, be there. If they can only be reached offline, then what is the best way to get to them? You have to be seen by your ideal clients if you are going to get them to notice you.

Step #3 – Position yourself in the market for your expertise and what you want to be known for. 

Ask yourself a simple question to see if your positioning is on point…“Who else can say this?” If the answer is anyone or everyone in your industry, you already have a problem that will cost you leads and clients.

Also, part of positioning is building authority for your expertise and credibility. Create and post content that is relevant to your perfect clients that gives value and shows why you are different, better, and an expert for what you do.

Step #4 – Post social proof to build trust and credibility. 

I am sure you have done great things and had many great client results. Get more active to show them! Client results, testimonials, case studies, recommendations, screenshots from client texts or messages, and reviews are all social proof that can be promoted content to your ideal clients and audience—anything where you are showing results or what others say about you. Unfortunately, most people do not do this enough.

Step #5- Develop your digital marketing assets to be everywhere. 

So when people see you, they can easily check you out. Can they see that you are the go-to expert for what you do?

This means building out your social media platforms, channels, and website are all non-negotiables in the marketplace today. Only beginners leave these things out of their marketing plan. Credible businesses have these digital assets in place, and they are optimized and used as part of their strategy.

Step #6 – You need a strategic visibility plan that you can do consistently (a system.) 

Understand this one thing…Your outbound efforts will determine your inbound results! This is not “If I build it, they will come.” The best marketers know that you must do outbound work to keep your pipeline full.

Whether you are doing organic marketing or paid advertisements, consistency is key. Even paid ads work best with a business when there is a strong organic system and all of the things mentioned previously. Having a great organic strategy along with paid ads can significantly lower marketing expenses as well as help you get better results.

Leveraging other people’s audiences is a great way to boost visibility to your ideal clients. Think about being featured in the media, getting on stages to speak, partnerships, and being a guest on podcasts and summits are a few ways more people can see you.

So do you have a great visibility strategy that is consistently getting you qualified leads?

Step #7 – Your nurturing process. 

This will continue to build the know, like, and trust with potential prospects who may not be ready for your services but might be in the future. It is a strategy that can keep you top of mind with future clients. You can do this with an email list, a CRM, a community (such as a group), or even as simple as personally connecting and messaging periodically. A powerful content strategy with the right audience in your network and ecosystem is also necessary.

Step #8- The sales process. 

This is where you are turning prospects into buyers. A sales system has three parts: Before, During, and After the sale. You can see the continuation of this article where I go into the sales part of getting more clients. Click here to see it.

I hope you found this helpful to grow your coaching, consulting, or professional services business. 

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