A ‘New Paradigm’ for Consultants and Professional Coaches to Build Consistent Higher Monthly Income, and Stability While Working Less Time


They have disrupted the traditional, “old way” of selling and delivering their services and have implemented a “new way” of doing business.

This NEW WAY of selling and delivering training, coaching, or consulting work ditches the band-aid, quick-fix, or traditional training approach and engages the clients for lasting results and a fundamental transformation.

This transformational approach not only impacts client results but also retains clients longer, makes coaches and consultants much more money, and builds a stable business with a higher consistent monthly income that grows with each new client engagement.

What if each time you worked with a client, trained in an organization, or helped a business, you would get to do your very best work? More profound work allows them to fully implement and integrate what you offer, transforming the company, the culture, the team, or its leaders.

When I started in the coaching and consulting industry, I was taught to offer short-term programs that were helpful for my clients but didn’t make the impact I knew I could have on their business. So instead, I would help them fix the problem at hand, train them on something they needed, and then look for the next client.

This ‘churn and burn’ approach almost burned me out. It was exhausting and NOT FULFILLING. Why? Because I knew I could do so much more to help them. With my twenty-plus years of experience building and selling multiple businesses for myself, I knew that I had so much more to offer. But how could I give them more when they only hired me for a short time?

I was so unfulfilled with my business and the money I was making that I took a step back to rethink what was happening. I had already invested in coaches, mentors, training programs, and education, but none of these things were helping me have the business and results I wanted.

So, when I stepped back, I discovered the shifts needed. First, I stopped buying into the mainstream teaching and strategies and changed how I was doing my business. As a result, I began taking on clients for longer engagements and only offered them what I knew would give them the most excellent outcome and results.

As a result, this allowed me to have more stability and sustainability in my business and help my clients at a deeper level.

It is a win-win.

I began working with coaches and consultants to build their businesses with ultra-high-end clients and services. As a result, many are now making as much as 5x-20x or more money per client, massively growing their business and getting better client results. One of my clients went from zero sales to almost a million dollars in his first year.

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The best part about this (besides consistent higher monthly income) is that the coaches and consultants feel more fulfilled because they fully utilize their skills, knowledge, and experience. And the clients are much happier to have the help and support they need to achieve the results they truly desire.

However, if you don’t sell your services to them in this way, they are left on their own after you are gone to ensure they continue doing what you have left them to do. Unfortunately, for many reasons, this often doesn’t happen.

I recently talked to a coach who was a guest on my Expert In You Podcast. When we were chatting before we recorded, he said he previously owned a company where he consistently hired consultants and coaches. However, he only used about 25% of what they did for him as an owner. ONLY 25%!

This is not uncommon in companies and organizations. When they hire a coach or consultant, they typically need a solution to a pressing need or urgent problem. The coach or consultant will give them the solution they are looking for, but then they leave the company or owner on his own to make sure XXX gets implemented and becomes a natural part of their company or business.

Without consistent support, guidance, and accountability, owners, leaders, and organizations revert to old habits or get busy, and their priorities change. So, the transformation never really happens.

They are leaving companies or owners to “continue” without continued support until the change in their natural way of doing business takes a long time, not a few months. Wouldn’t you agree?

Lasting results and transformations don’t happen fast. So, the “give them the solution and move on” approach is not only leaving money on the table for you, it isn’t serving clients at the highest level.

The top coaches and consultants offer and sell their services to get lasting client results.

Here’s one client’s story…

A coach who recently closed her first multi-five-figure client (20x more than she had ever made before), only works two hours a month for this client and has a 12-month engagement at these fees.

She is making a high monthly fee (consistent and predictable income) as she continues the work she started with this company’s sales team, transforming their culture, team, and success in the business.

The CEO is so thrilled with the results that he has already talked about adding additional work with her. As a result, this one client could potentially turn into a multi-six-figure client for her with little of her time. All because she didn’t do a one-and-done deal. She packaged and sold her offer differently.

So, how do you do this in your business?

Stop saying yes to short-term engagements and start selling lasting results and real change. Every organization, business, or client has these needs; you must set boundaries and restructure your business to do this.

Focus on the outcome the client or organization wants and focus your offer on helping them achieve it.

Restructure how you price your services (no more hourly, daily, or ala-carte rates). Sell your services based on the (quantifiable value) by hiring you. An example would be helping them reduce employee turnover by improving leadership or the culture inside the business or organization.

What is that turnover costing the company, and if turnover was significantly reduced, what would be the upside in revenue and profits? There is always a QUANTIFIABLE value. If you would impact the company by $500,000 in profits, would they see the benefit of paying $150,000 or $250,000? Yes!

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