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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Ann Carden engages with Alan, founder of Next Level University, on the true essence of success. Discover the significance of striking a delicate balance between health, wealth, and love, and learn the practical steps to build a sustainable business, either brick and mortar or online. Alan debunks common myths about income and net worth and shares his unique perspective on personal fulfillment. From discussions about the impact of automation to the powerful teachings of personal development gurus, this episode is packed with invaluable lessons.

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Key Moments:

03:58 Paid off $84K college debt in year.

07:51 Young person’s personal growth journey and impact.

10:23 35 but look 15, growing despite obstacles.

15:43 Imagine improvement and growth, achieve amazing results.

18:54 Access to information, fast pace creates challenges.

19:46 Keeping up with The Rock; self-worth challenge.

23:18 Misunderstanding revenue can lead to financial troubles.

32:16 Career adaptability is crucial in evolving industries.

34:33 Mid-twenties 1% earner, wealthy but unfulfilled.

38:06 Appreciation for your impactful work and conversation.

    About the Guest:

    Born into a family that knew both prosperity and hardship, Alan Lazaros experienced life’s unpredictable swings from an early age. Raised in the Massachusetts area, he enjoyed an upper-middle-class life until the age of 14, when his stepfather, who had been a consistent figure since Alan was 3, departed from the family. This sudden exit marked a drastic shift in the family’s financial situation—his stepfather had thrived financially in the 90s and early 2000s, but upon leaving, he took with him the comfort and security of a steady income.

    With his sister moving out around the same time, Alan found himself in a stripped-down family unit, consisting of just his mother and himself. The shift was stark: he went from a life of relative comfort to one where qualifying for free lunch at school became a testament to their diminished resources. Those formative years of struggle and resilience would later sculpt Alan into a person with a deep understanding of life’s volatility and the value of perseverance.

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