AI Tools, Content Creation and the CEO’s Role in Marketing with Emanuel Rose

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, Ann Carden chats with Emanuel Rose about his agency’s services, the role of AI in the marketplace, and the future of marketing trends. They discuss the balance between AI and human guidance, the CEO as an influencer, and the importance of content creation.

Key Moments:

  • Incorporating AI tools into business workflows is essential, yet only 8% of businesses have experimented with AI, indicating a need for strategic planning and experimentation with these technologies to leverage their potential.
  • Marketing in the current landscape should focus on inviting conversations and serving interested customers, avoiding interruptive tactics and instead tailoring content to ideal client profiles, recognizing that different clients have varied preferences for content consumption.
  • CEOs should become the primary influencers of their businesses by regularly engaging in video content to lead their company’s narrative and establish their presence in the marketplace, even if it means starting as a micro-influencer within their niche.

Emanuel Rose was born and raised on the West Coast of the United States. He has spent over three decades earning a reputation in cutting edge marketing. As an author and expert in the field, Emanuel specializes in direct response advertising, and content marketing at his digital agency, Strategic eMarketing.

His passion lies in helping companies achieve business success with authentic storytelling. Emanuel’s unique approach to marketing strategies has resulted in countless clients reaching their goals.

As the Founder and CEO of Strategic eMarketing, a digital marketing agency located in Ashland, OR, he serves clients with one to 25 million dollars in sales. Emanuel manages prospecting, sales, client service, and a team of six creatives and support staff. He is also responsible for developing strategies and tracking the progress of marketing campaigns. 

With over 14 years of experience in the agency, he has established himself as a reputable expert in lead generation, branding, advertising, and digital agency operations.

Before launching Strategic eMarketing, Emanuel served as a Sales and Marketing Manager for a consumer electronics company. He successfully generated sales with Fortune 1000 companies and oversaw the successful release of the LED lighting and wifi radio lines.

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