AI’s Impact, Market Challenges, And the Value of Human Connection in Business with Kristin Zhivago

AI’s Impact, Market Challenges, And the Value of Human Connection in Business with Kristin Zhivago

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Episode Summary –

Ann Carden introduces Kristin Zhivago, who shares her journey and insights on AI’s business impact, selling businesses without employees, and market challenges. They discuss issues with digital marketing agencies and Kristin’s new book on people-centered business, emphasizing human connection.

Key Moments:

  • Understanding and leveraging AI can significantly enhance business operations, but it requires a deep understanding of both technology and human nuances to avoid pitfalls.
  • Creating a cohesive, omnichannel marketing strategy is crucial for reaching and engaging with customers effectively in today’s digital landscape.
  • Building influence and elevating your personal brand is essential for business leaders, and it should be approached with a focus on genuinely helping and sharing valuable knowledge.


Kristin Zhivago is the President of Zhivago Partners, a digital marketing agency. They are absolutely committed to generate qualified leads for our clients, using the full range of appropriate digital techniques and channels. They tap into the Mindset of the customer to make spot-on offers, resulting in the win-win outcome for our clients and their customers.

Kristin Zhivago founded and now manage the company with the goal of helping all our clients “sell the way your customers want to buy” including the realities of the ever-changing digital technologies, techniques, and tools. We put into practice what she learned as a revenue coach, much of which can be found in her 5-star book, “Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy,” named by Forbes as one of the top 6 marketing and sales books.

Prior to founding Zhivago Partners, Kristin spent decades as a “revenue coach,” mostly in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, helping CEOs and entrepreneurs grow their companies.

WHAT WE DO: They work with CEOs and entrepreneurs to help them increase their revenue.

HOW WE DO IT: They have built a team that operates responsibly, wisely, and collaboratively, comprised of professional writers, designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists who are immersed in their area of specialty. Successful digital marketing requires people who focus on specific areas, in order to keep up with and leverage the constant changes in tools, technology, and methods. We have built measurement and quality control into all our efforts.

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