Are You A Coach Or Consultant Who Knows You Are Not Getting Paid What You Are Worth?

Are You A Coach Or Consultant Who Knows You Are Not Getting Paid What You Are Worth?

Undervaluing and undercharging for your services is where most coaches and consultants leave a lot of money on the table and it affects their INCOME and their IMPACT. 😥

When I first started my coaching business, I charged my first client $149 a month. 😫

I was not going to get anywhere fast in my business with these low fees, but here is what I discovered that was even more significant…

I was able to show this client an opportunity in her business she didn’t even think about that was a $475,000 a year opportunity and it wouldn’t have cost her anything to implement it. 😮


because I was working with a low paying client (who also was a low performing client), the strategy never got implemented, and she continued to struggle in her business when she decided she didn’t want to pay $149 a month for a coach.

It doesn’t make sense, right?

Had I been working with a $50,000 client with the same opportunity, the story would have ended very differently. 💰💰

🚀When you have HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS, you get better results, you make more money, and you will work with higher-value clients who “get it” (the value you provide.)

It is no more work or effort to get high-paying clients than it is to get low-paying clients when you have the right process. In fact, it is often easier (they get it.)

😫How much money are you leaving on the table in your business by playing small and under-charging for your value and your services?

Would you like to change it and build a multi-six-figure or more business?

Anyone can do this in their business to skyrocket their income and business. 🚀🚀🚀

There are only 3 things you need, to create your rinse and repeat process…

👉Create a High-Ticket Offer that provides a result a client will pay top dollar for.

👉The Right Marketing Message and Strategy that positions you as the expert and attracts clients to you.

👉The Right Qualifying and Sales Process to weed out people who aren’t serious and puts you in front of your perfect clients who are ready to buy.

When you get these three things dialed in, it becomes a rinse and repeat process that can get you high-paying clients and add to your revenue and income over and over again.

If you are “playing small” in your business and want to build a multi-six-figure or more business, I want to invite you to grab my FREE GUIDE – “SIX-STEP SIMPLE FORMULA TO SKYROCKET YOUR INCOME AND CHANGE YOUR COACHING AND CONSULTING BUSINESS FOREVER!”

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