Have you been “stuck” in your business, riding the revenue roller-coaster (up one month and down the next), or you haven’t been able to get to the level of income you want?

Maybe you are stuck making $5k-$10k a month when you could be making $20k-$50k a month or more.

One of the biggest mistakes I see repeatedly with seasoned coaches and entrepreneurs who are not getting what they want from their business is they get stuck in the “start-up” stage.

What does this mean exactly?

They continue doing the same things they have been doing since they started their business, expecting different results.

Here are 5 ways to know if you are missing out and ready to level up your business.

  1. You feel bored, restless, or frustrated with your clients and feel like you should be working with better ones.
  2. You are working with the same types of clients for almost the same fees since you started your business even though you are better at what you do.
  3. You have been in business for a long time and have had success, but you still find yourself saying no to things you want to do in your business or life because of money.
  4. You are trying to do many additional things to make more money that isn’t part of your core business.
  5. You are maxed out on clients or time and can’t take on more.

If you are…

Using start-up strategies to try and reach your next level.

Targeting the same clients with the same offers

Using the same message and attracting the same low-value clients.

Trying to use the same marketing strategies that aren’t working to get to the next level.

You may not be missing out in a big way.

Until you LEVEL UP…

  • Your offers
  • Your business model
  • Your clients
  • Your prices
  • Your brand
  • Your marketing strategy
  • Your sales process

you will most likely stay STUCK on the hamster wheel, and in the start-up stage of your business.

Leveling Up will mean the difference between making $10k a month and $35k-$50k a month or much more.


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