🤔💵💥Do you “NEED” another client or do you “WANT” another client. There is a big difference between the two.

Getting to higher levels in a coaching or professional services business requires a knowledge and understanding of the different stages in your business. When you understand the stages, you will know what is needed to break through to levels of $20k-$80k or MUCH MORE in MONTHLY REVENUE or INCOME.

👉STAGE 1 – When you need a client, in your business.

You are in start-up mode (trying to figure out what to sell, to whom, how to get clients and close sales.)

You are validating what you are doing, and you are trying to figure out what will work.

This was the case with my client (consultant) Nick M. He tried for months to get his business launched, but it wasn’t going anywhere. He still had ZERO CLIENTS and was trying to figure out what to do differently.

He told me he had 90 days left before he had to give up on building his own business and get a job working for someone else.

🚀🚀💰However, we were able to dial in his offer, marketing strategy & sales process, and he quickly went from zero to $80k in less than six weeks. He now was ready level things up with a rinse and repeat process.

Stage 1 should only last a year or so, and you can move through it faster in some cases if you are already an expert at what you do (like Nick), but it is not where you camp out!

Most coaches and entrepreneurs never leave stage one. This is the most stressful place to run a business from. This is the hustle and grind stage, and most likely, you are always in need of another client and afraid to lose the ones you have.

👉STAGE 2 – everything needs to become rinse and repeat. You begin leveling things up. You will most likely level up your clients, charge higher fees, and began to see more significant increases in your monthly revenue and income.

You keep iterating and course correcting until things are working and you begin to get to the place of ease and flow. Now your decisions and actions are a result of a growth mindset and desire vs. struggle, frustration, and need.

STAGE 2 – is where the MAGIC starts to happen, and you get to a place where you no longer “need” clients, but you “want” more clients to keep growing your business.

In Stage 2, financial breakthroughs start to happen, and you begin to reach new levels of monthly revenue and income.

This is an exciting place to be in your business and where everyone should at least strive to reach.

At this stage, things are more stable and predictable. When this happens, you are ready for STAGE 3.

This was the case with my client Wendy (business coach) who quickly had a breakthrough beyond $20k a month of stable and predictable income. Again, this happened in less than six weeks. She is now in stage 3 to scale her business.

👉STAGE 3 – this stage is where you start to SCALE. It is not only strategic but more scientific. This stage is where you take what is working well, and you ramp it up. You track and measure the results. You keep perfecting to make things work better.

You begin to hire great talent, automate, or make changes in how you deliver your services, and you put in systems and processes to handle the growth.

This is where your monthly revenue grows month after month, and your process is predictable and dependable.

🚀🚀💰This is why Nick (my client I referred to earlier) almost hit ONE MILLION DOLLARS in his first year in business.

This is where you reach levels you maybe didn’t think were possible, or you only dreamed possible.

How about you?

What stage are you in?

How long have you been there?

What is your plan to move into the next stage in your business?