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Episode Summary –

Ann Carden and Christine Nicholson discuss how over-involvement can devalue your business, the top considerations for growth, understanding ROI, and the importance of an exit strategy. They also explore reducing reliance on the owner and the impact of ego on business growth.

Key Moments:

  • If your business is 100% reliant on you, its value diminishes significantly.
  • Consider the long-term capital value of your business, not just the immediate profits.
  • Surround yourself with team members who push you up and add value, rather than those who depend entirely on you.

Christine Nicholson is an engaging speaker and seasoned expert on exit and succession planning in owner-managed businesses including employee ownership, exit options and getting out of your own way. She has frequently guested on podcasts as a repeat guest because one episode is not enough. She’s the author of 4 books that give practical advice on running better businesses. Based between London and Oxford, UK, she’s lived and worked in 10 countries and exited dozens of businesses generating hundreds of millions in shareholder value. She’s a military veteran and even ran a zoo in the Middle East. She’s an entertaining storyteller, adventure hiker, and gardener.

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