Boosting Business Profits: Strategies and Visionary Growth Plans with Colin Sanburg

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Episode Summary –

In today’s episode, host Ann Carden sits down with Colin Sanburg, the founder of FinElevate, a company dedicated to helping businesses enhance their financial strategies and maximize profitability. Colin shares insights into his hands-on approach to solving financial challenges and emphasizes the value of ongoing guidance and support for businesses. From success stories to actionable advice, this episode delves into realistic planning, the importance of human connection, and the mindset needed for business growth. If you’re looking to elevate your finances and gain valuable business strategies, this episode is a must-listen. Stay tuned for an engaging conversation packed with expert advice and actionable tips!

Key Moments:

04:47 Finaleve offers hands-on business coaching approach.

06:29 Team size, client base growing; focus on profits.

09:50 Innovative business strategies improve profitability and growth.

15:38 Prioritize business on video production for success.

18:20 CPAs lack insight to dissect business strategies.

25:45 Framework for organizing work and planning.

27:08 Overcoming obstacles in business, need for execution.

31:07 Focus on success-minded clients, not pain-selling.


About the Guest :

Colin Sanburg is a multi-business owner and Founder of FinElevate. This MBA-led strategic accounting firm helps business owners use their numbers to make money rather than simply better categorizing their expenses. As CEO and owner of manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses, he developed a passion for demystifying small business finance and supporting fellow entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.


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