Build Your Marketing System to ATTRACT Unlimited Leads and Clients LIKE A MAGNET

If generating enough leads in your business is a consistent problem for you in your business, then you most likely lack a marketing system.

For most coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners, marketing is not their area of expertise. As a result, their revenue is unpredictable, and their marketing is not something they can count on, often burning up profits.

However, anyone can build a rinse-and-repeat marketing system to bring in quality leads whenever they want.

What is a rinse-and-repeat marketing system? It is a STRATEGIC, PREDICTABLE, and CONSISTENT process that brings leads to your business whenever you want them.

Now, to be clear, I am not talking about automation, but the marketing strategy and process. Some types of marketing that generate leads can’t be automated, such as speaking on stages.

Create the process, validate the process, and then automate what can be automated once what you are doing is working.


  1. MARKET – Know WHO your market is. Until you know whom you are trying to attract to your business, you can’t know the best ways to reach them or how to develop a marketing message that will resonate with them. You should understand the demographics, the psychographics, and the characteristics of your ideal clients and customers. Everyone is not your client!
  2. MESSAGE – Know WHAT your market wants. Once you know what they want, you can create a message that will resonate with them. Your message should either repel or attract. Your message should eliminate your competition and help you stand out as the obvious choice to do business with for what you do.
  3. MEDIA – Where are your ideal clients and customers? Once you know where they are, you can create the strategy and put in place the tactics to reach them. There is no shortage of places to market, but if you are not where your perfect clients are, they will never see you to have the choice to buy from you. If I am trying to sell hamburgers in a vegan magazine, good luck with that. It will never work!
  4. COMPELLING COPYWRITING – What you are saying in your marketing is essential to make your marketing work. Your copy should grab the attention of your ideal clients, pull them in, get them interested, position you as the obvious choice, and get them to take some kind of action. This is called the MARKETING CONVERSION EQUATION (interrupt, engage, educate, and offer.)
  5. LEADS – Always be collecting leads! One of the mistakes coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners make is that they do not have in place the tactics to collect leads. Whether you are speaking on a stage, networking, or marketing online, always give people a way to get into your funnel.

Having a compelling lead magnet should be part of your strategy for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do in your marketing. Your business card, website, articles, content, advertising, and anything else you do should all give people a way to get into your funnel.

  1. FOLLOW-UP – You must have a follow-up system. This is a fortune left on the table in most businesses because they don’t have an excellent follow-up system. “The fortune is in the follow-up!” This is also a way to nurture the leads in your funnel, build your brand, and stay in front of your ideal clients until they are ready to buy.

The “buyers’ journey” is something everyone must understand. Only 1% of people are now buyers, so you must have a way to follow-up, and nurture the other 99% of the market who isn’t ready to buy yet.

  1. CONSISTENCY – This is a crucial component of having a marketing system. When you decide HOW you are going to market, it needs to be consistent like clockwork. Most people in their business have no consistency in their marketing, and therefore their results are inconsistent.
  2. KNOW YOUR NUMBERS – Understand HOW MANY leads you need to generate to get the amount of business you want, and need. Track and measure everything in your marketing. This is vital to the success of your marketing.

Often a business does not have a shortage of leads; they can’t close the leads into sales effectively. Sales in how you get the money. Marketing is how you get leads. Don’t confuse the two, and many businesses do. So, they continue to throw money, effort, and time into marketing when sales are their problem.

  1. CREDIBILITY – Your marketing should give you credibility. Every piece of marketing should build the know, like, and trust factor with your ideal clients. Testimonials on every part of marketing, educating your audience, being seen as the expert, etcetera. Will all give you credibility as the go-to person to do business with. It can also help you get better clients and higher prices.
  2. CONTENT – Content is something that every business must-have in the marketplace today if they want to stand out and dominate. Your content should have a strategy behind it to attract your ideal clients, get them into your ecosystem, and get them to want to buy what you are selling. Just throwing out content for the sake of having content is not going to help your business. It should help you be seen by the right people and drive business to you, period!!

Marketing is just one piece of building a successful business, but most business owners never take the time to put a rinse-and-repeat system in place that they can count on. They have gaps and holes in what they are doing, and it is why it doesn’t work.

If you want to never worry about getting leads again, you must have a marketing system “dialed-in” that is working for you.


On one final note, marketing should be consistently iterated and improved upon until it is optimized to its fullest potential. This is where you can lower cost, energy, and effort. I have been able to help companies add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their profits and revenue by assisting them in fixing the gaps in their marketing and creating a rinse-and-repeat system that works.


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