Building a Business That Aligns with Your Vision & Core Values with Jen Grosso

Building a Business That Aligns with Your Vision & Core Values with Jen Grosso

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Episode Summary –

It becomes crucial that your business is aligned with your personal core values to achieve long-term business success.
Your values are the foundation that makes your work and life meaningful. 

If you are questioning yourself, “what are you doing?” and feel like quitting every day, you are not living your purpose every day.

Building a business is not easy; you need to overcome different obstacles and situations. Your core values will work as a driving force to navigate through every blockage and breakthrough.

In this episode, Jen Grosso talks about the importance of aligning your business with your core values.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Jen shares her background story and how & why she started her coaching business.
  • Jen talks about the difference between an employee and an employer’s mindsets.
  • Jen talks about how your vision and goals build the foundations of a successful business.
  • What mistakes do most people make that you must avoid when starting your business?
  • Jen talks about the importance of focusing on well-being for successful people.
  • Jen talks about how to empower your employees.

Jen Grosso is a former (aka recovering) lawyer turned multi-time business owner, speaker, high-performance coach, and business strategist for entrepreneurs, experts, and executives.

She found her way to coaching when she was looking for a way out of a profession that was sucking the life out of her – the law.

Jens breakthrough, proprietary framework, CHAOS TO CONFIDENCE™, is what she uses to help already extraordinary and successful people get unstuck, blow through plateaus, and get out of crisis and chaos that threatens to derail their success.

Her specialty is exposing blind spots in their success game with special attention to mind, body, and business strategies that create major breakthroughs, so they can achieve success across all of the areas of their life and work.

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