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Episode Summary –

Welcome to the Expert In You Podcast, where we bring you the best insights and strategies to help you succeed in your business. In this episode, our host Ann Carden is joined by the brilliant Lea Woodford, a successful expert in the luxury space. Together, they dive deep into the world of personal branding, marketing strategies, and the power of building a strong, credible brand. Lea shares her expertise in using magazines as a branding and lead generation tool and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent message to build trust and credibility.

Join us as we uncover the keys to effective branding, the impact of personal struggles on entrepreneurship, and the mindset needed to unlock opportunities. Don’t miss the valuable free giveaways and insights to elevate your business. Tune in now and take your branding and marketing strategies to the next level!

Key Moments:

03:54 Struggle leads to discovery and opportunities emerge.

06:15 Marketing requires a strong brand and offers.

10:24 Elevate brand, stand out, play bigger game.

12:39 Consistency is key for building a brand.

17:53 Transitioning to entrepreneurship requires a new skill set.

20:51 Rare skin cancer at 49; battle with despair.

24:18 Successful woman empowering others and starting new venture.

25:57 Striving to meet sponsor’s video quality level.

29:47 The importance of branding and target demographics.

32:01 Attract the audience, provide content, and be vetted.


About the guest:

Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the SmartFem Media Group, a full-service digital marketing, and advertising company. Lea Woodford is a powerhouse in the luxury brand industry, known for her work in building and monetizing power brands. With her magazine and a roster of celebrity clients, she is a force to be reckoned with. Lea is set to feature Robert Kiyosaki on her next magazine cover, showcasing her influence and reach in the business world. Keep an eye on Lea Woodford, as she is set to continue making waves in the luxury brand industry.

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