Building a Strong Personal Brand Can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level with Bobby Umar

Building a Strong Personal Brand Can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level with Bobby Umar

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Episode Summary –
To build a successful business you need to ensure that your foundations are strong and one of the most common reasons why majority of the businesses fail is because they lack a strong foundation.

Nowadays, with information available at the fingertips, starting a business has become easy. But to build a sustainable business you need your basics to be right which you cannot just search online and learn.

In this episode, Dr. Tracy R. Powell talks about the foundations that have helped her to build a successful business.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Tracy talks about how she started and scaled up her business.
  • The importance of niching down your services and audience to grow your business.
  • A myth about social media that most people believe that is affecting their business.
  • Tracy talks about the process of Life Mapping & how it helps.
  • The importance of networking for your business growth and the right network for your business.
  • Tracy talks about how she leverages her online connections.
  • Mistakes people make while setting up their business.
  • The need of a website for building & growing your business.

About Dr. Tracy R. Powell : 

Dr. Tracy R. Powell is a native of South Carolina, receiving her education from the University of South Carolina where she earned her Doctorate of Philosophy, Masters in Social Work and Bachelors in Sociology.  Additionally, Dr. Powell is a Certified Executive & Professional Coach, Award-winning Author and International Speaker.

Throughout her career, Dr. Powell has held various leadership and executive positions. In these roles, Dr. Powell faced and quickly recovered from racial discrimination, managing fear, balancing work and family and speaking with one voice. It was early in her career that Dr. Powell realized her challenges were dramatically different from her counterparts, although they were serving in the same positions and environments. It was at this point, that Dr. Powell established the Executive Coaching Institute for Minority Women, LLC. The intent of the Institute is not to exclude anyone, yet it is a vehicle to narrow Dr. Powells coaching focus.

Dr. Powell authored of two books Practical Leadership Lessons Learned from Mickey and her award-winning book is The Journey to Authorship: A Pocket Guide for Writers, published a Leadership Journal, written peer-reviewed publications, several eBooks, and has been interviewed by various television, radio, and podcast hosts.

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