Building a Successful Brand in the Marketplace Today with Gwenne Wilcox

Building a Successful Brand in the Marketplace Today with Gwenne Wilcox

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Episode Summary –

Building a brand that stands out from the crowd in today’s marketplace is not an easy task.

With so many options and pieces of information available, it is difficult to grab the attention of your target audience. But with the right strategy, you can make this process easier.

Building a highly recognized brand can help you attract more potential customers to your business.

Your branding should connect the dots between what you are selling and who you are trying to reach.

Recognizing your brand is the first step to success, but how will you achieve that in today’s marketplace? This has been the biggest pain point for most brands.

In this episode, Gwenne Wilcox talks about her journey as a business coach and how she has helped over 450 companies build their brand.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Gwenne shares her background story and talks about how she landed one of her biggest clients by storytelling.
  • She talks about her target audience and how she helps them.
  • She shares a client success story of how she shifted to a 12% sales conversion rate from a 66% bounce rate through brand positioning.
  • The biggest concern with most brands is to sell with high pricing – why they struggle and fail, and how to make the process easy.
  • How the branding shifted post-pandemic. Why personal branding dominating the marketplace post-pandemic.
  • Why niching down your target audience is becoming more crucial for your business now.
  • What does meaningful connection mean, and how it can help you in brand positioning.
  • Gwenne shares her Rock-Paper-Scissor” analogy on people’s behavior – how it has helped her build a successful brand.

About Gwenne Wilcox –

As a Business Mentor and Brand Coach, Gwenne solves immediate business identity and brand strategy challenges for driven CEOs, consultants, and coaches looking to scale to seven figures, soul-heartedly. Using her signature 4-Step EPIC Success Journey framework, she works one-to-one with her clients to elevate their brand positioning and scale. She is also a certified Positive Psychology Coach.

An award-winning global branding expert for over 35 years, Gwenne Wilcox has generated millions in revenue for dozens of Fortune 500 brands like American Express, DeBeers Diamonds, Gianni Versace and Harry & David, including launching the brand for luxury shoe designer Stuart Weitzman.

Gwenne is deeply passionate about helping ambitious female entrepreneurs align their true essence with their core values to build a meaningful legacy brand, soul-heartedly. Utilizing her Positive Psychology training, she coaches clients how to avoid self-sabotage and burnout to live a balanced and purposeful life of their own making.

She has helped hundreds of clients develop and execute effective brand strategies, including evocative brand messaging and compelling visual identities that not only captivate high-paying clients, but also convert into tens of thousands of additional revenue in as little as 10 days.

Her Brand Brainery Academy programs are geared toward up-leveling creative entrepreneursand social media managersservice offerings. Gwenne also leads corporate sponsored training seminars and provides brand consultation for accelerator groups supporting entrepreneurial start-ups.

Gwenne offers 1:1, group and immersive one and two-day VIP sessions, as well as done-for-you branding services.

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Building a Successful Brand in the Marketplace Today with Gwenne Wilcox Episode 99

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