Building Your Influence System: Expert Positioning and Rinse-and-Repeat Marketing

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, host Ann Carden digs deep  into the critical marketing and sales elements for coaches and consultants. She emphasizes the importance of building a strong influence system to showcase expertise and credibility, while also highlighting the need for a revenue-generating marketing system to attract and convert potential clients. Ann also stresses the significance of a streamlined sales process to effectively close deals, offering valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring experts in the industry. Tune in to discover how to enhance your marketing and sales strategies, and take your business to the next level.

Key Moments:

00:01:40 Your influence system is crucial for positioning and building credibility in the market.

00:05:01 Building your influence system involves optimizing your social media profiles, showcasing expertise, and garnering testimonials and case studies.

00:06:05 A strong influence system leads to increased opportunities, referrals, and more positive responses for speaking engagements and interviews.

00:07:35  Your marketing system is essential for generating leads and converting them into clients.

00:08:50 Implementing a systematic approach to reaching out to potential clients and closing sales can significantly impact business growth.

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