Career Collateral – How I Turned My Teaching Career into a Successful Consulting Business with Dana Goodier

Career Collateral – How I Turned My Teaching Career into a Successful Consulting Business with Dana Goodier

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Dana has 22 years of experience in education, teaching world languages and English and she has worked in both middle and elementary school levels as an administrator.
In 2020, she completed her Doctorate in educational leadership. She often speaks at conferences, providing educators with techniques to minimize off-task behavior and increase time on task.
Dana is a content creator; she often writes blogs for “the teach better” team and is the author of an upcoming book for educators to be published called “Out of the Trenches – Stories of Resilient Educators ”.
She hosts the “Out of the Trenches podcast”, which features educators who share their stories of resiliency.

Episode Summary –

Having an exceptional career in finance and starting a mindset coaching business, the risk of failing is high.
One big mistake most people make when they shift their career from job to business.

Why it is important to focus on your skills.

In this episode, Dana talks about her journey and how she turned her skills as a teacher into consulting business in the field of education.

She talks about the challenges she faced during the transition from an employee to an entrepreneur and how she still managed to make her business stable.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Dana’s background information.
  • Dana’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • Dana talks about her consulting business – Why did she start, and the challenges she has faced?
  • Dana talks about how she structured her consulting business.
  • Dana shares her business process and how she has priced her services.
  • Dana shares the experience of working for her own business.
  • Dana’s podcast journey and how it helps her in business.
  • Dana talks about the obstacles people will face in their coaching and consulting journey.
  • Dana’s advice for people starting their business leaving their full-time job.

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