Client Success Story – Kim Lebbing from low coaching fees to high-end $20k-$40k clients.

Client Success Story – Kim Lebbing from low coaching fees to high-end $20k-$40k clients.

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Episode Summary –

Within the first week of working with Ann I closed a cash client for 5x more than I had been charging. I tried everything before coming to her and I bought into loads of programs and trainings. Nothing I was doing was really working. I am now closing clients for almost $40k. If you would have told me I would be getting clients at this level, I wouldn’t have believed it. Ann totally knows her stuff. This has been life-changing for me and my family! ~ Kim Lebbing

The reward for any coach is seeing their clients grow.

Kim Lebbing is a successful mindset coach who has made big financial leaps in her business and is closing clients for over 20x more than she was before working with me. But this is not the whole story. Kim was a program buyer. She bought program after program trying to build the business she wanted.

She was all over the place in social media with no strategy and a structured offer for low-paying clients.

In today’s episode, Kim Lebbing talks about her journey working with me.

Kim’s journey has been inspirational. I hope to inspire you after listening to Kim’s journey that you can achieve anything you want with your self-belief, the right strategy, and proper guidance.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • What was Kim doing, and where was she in her business before working with me?
  • What made Kim decide to hire a coach?
  • A misconception most people have about aiming for a high earning goal.
  • What strategies did Kim implement that have resulted in working with clients 20 times more than the price she had charged earlier.
    Kim talks about the mindset shift that has landed her first $40,000 client.
    Kim talks about the difference between investing in different DIY (do it yourself) products vs. investing in an expert coach.
    Kim shares her experience of working with high-end clients.
    How working with ultra-high-end clients can help you have a more balanced life.

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