Coaches Who Have Been Stuck at the Same Revenue/Income Level for a Long Time


This is for COACHES who are excellent and seasoned but have been stuck at the same monthly revenue/income for a long time.

I want to share with you my exact process that can help you have consistent and predictable $25k, $35k, $50k+ months.

For most coaches, they stay on the unpredictable revenue/income roller coaster, or when their income starts to grow, and they get into higher levels, they are nervous about losing a client that will drop them back down.

I get it! This was me, too, for a long time.

Statistics show that the average coach is making $45k-$60k a year.

Why would a great coach who can have a significant impact on someone’s life or business settle for $40k-$60k a year when they COULD make this much in a month or two?

After being in this industry for ten years, and investing a fortune in multiple “Guru’s” programs, coaching organizations, other coaches, and trying all of the stuff I was being taught, I know firsthand why this is the case.


It’s not the coach’s fault. It’s what they have learned, who they are around, and how they are trying to build their business.


I have been taken down more wrong paths than you can even imagine in this industry, and unfortunately, it has cost me a lot of money and time to learn what I now know and teach other coaches to do.

Most of the strategies, tactics, and processes they have been taught are often for start-up coaches, and not for seasoned, brilliant coaches who should be making double or triple what they are making.


When great coaches (even after years of experience) keep using these strategies and tactics, they find themselves not reaching the levels I am referring to.

How about you?

Are you a great coach, but your bank account is not reflecting this?

Do you love having your business but aren’t working with amazing clients at high enough fees that it has been life-changing for you? And are you always stressed out at the thought of losing a client?


So, how can you fix this?

First, realize that your mindset may be set on $10k a month or six figures a year (because of who you are around) instead of $35k+ months or multiple-six or seven figures.

Until you make the mental shift that you want to reach those levels, you will not likely change anything.

However, $10k months or six figures in revenue is NOT LIFE-CHANGING, and it will keep you on the revenue/income roller coaster. At this level, you will probably stay stressed out or pray that you don’t lose a client.

However, what IS life and business-changing is having a predictable and consistent process to have $25k-$35k, $50k, or even $100k months.

I had a coach private message me after one of my posts, and he said, “Ann, I didn’t even know these kinds of numbers are possible.”

Here is what I have to say about that…” Whom are you surrounded by, and if your process is not getting you to those numbers, you must fix your process.”

So, what are the changes coaches need to make to get to $25k, $35k, $50k+ months consistently, and predictably?

I have discovered for myself and the other coaches that I have helped add tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to their business fast, these are the missing pieces. If a coach is missing 1, 2, or all 3 of these pieces, they will most likely stay stuck in the same place or not make much more.

What are these three things?

#1 – Their business model is not structured in a way to have $25k-$50k+ months.

I have found there are TWO revenue components to what you are selling to hit these levels.

One is, you must have high-ticket offers.

Two is, you must have TWO high-ticket forms of revenue (active and recurring.)

I am sure this is not the only way, but I have found it the biggest game-changer.

Just to be clear, this is different from two levels of revenue. This unique process consistently feeds your business clients.

The first form is “high-ticket active revenue.” This is a high front-end sale that gives you significant cash injections into your business with no less than $5k or $10k a client.

This offer should be the beginning of something longer-term with you but give them a fast outcome or result.

Even if you only sign 1-2 new clients a month, you have made a significant leap in your revenue/income.

This offer can also sell on its own, but you are not marketing two different things. So, every month you bring in an additional $10k, $20k, or much more in “active revenue.”

The second form is “high-ticket recurring revenue.” This is where you are paid monthly for a more extended period.

The recurring revenue allows you to BUILD-UP your monthly revenue/income.

The beautiful thing about recurring revenue is you aren’t starting back at zero repeatedly when clients are finished with your quick offer.

However, your recurring service should be priced and leveraged in a way that you do not become exhausted or overworked. But it gives you a substantial amount of money with massive freedom in your business to enjoy your life while making great money.

#2 – A Consistent and Predictable Marketing Process to bring the right prospects to you.

This marketing process can be all organic to generate high-quality leads, or it can be a combination of organic and paid (once things are working to bring the right prospects to you.)

The organic process should include expert positioning through your social media, website, copywriting, etc., so you stand out from your competition as the obvious choice.

It should include elevating your brand and visibility to be seen by your ideal clients.

It should also include credibility and authority building, so your perfect clients self-identify and come to you because they know you are exactly what they need. This is best done through social proof and educating your prospects in a way that leads them to you for precisely what you do.

Your organic process should be rinse & repeat, and it should be a leveraged one-to-many approach (like building your audience of followers, speaking, seminars, strategic alliances, or workshops are all great tactics.) Using the one-to-many strategies is the fastest path. Your process must also be used like clockwork for consistency and predictability.

# 3 – Sales process to close high-ticket sales with little effort.

If you have your offers and marketing dialed in, you will have eager prospects booking calls with you through email, messenger, or waiting for you at the end of your presentation.

If you have people telling you they can’t afford you, or they have to think about it, most often, there is something off in your offer, your confidence, your marketing, or your sales process.

So, there you have it! This is what I do in my business, and what I help other great, seasoned coaches do to make massive financial leaps and increase their monthly income to have high 5-6 figure months, consistently and predictably.

If you would like this in your business, often in as little as 30-90 days, we can get the missing pieces dialed in for you, and you too can enjoy the freedom, great clients, and money your business can give you.


I hope you found this helpful, and if you genuinely are someone with expertise, knowledge, skills, and expertise, I hope you will make the shift required to get paid what you deserve.

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