Crafting Compelling Case Studies: The Power of Relevance and Expertise in Marketing with Joel Klettke

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Episode Summary –

In Episode 149 of the Expert In You Podcast, host Ann Carden welcomes guest Joel Klettke to discuss the power of case studies and customer stories in marketing. Joel emphasizes the importance of relevance in testimonials and encourages using testimonials that align with what the seller is trying to promote. He compliments Joel on his expertise in repurposing customer stories and highlights the need for expertise in creating effective marketing pieces.


Joel offers a place where listeners can learn more about his methods and encourages them to book a time to connect and discuss ideas. He mentions their blog, full of practical nuggets and ideas to help set up effective marketing programs.

Throughout the episode, Joel discusses the importance of case studies in marketing. He explains that a case study is a focused retelling of a customer’s experience with a brand and showcases the transformation from a state of need to a state of success. Joel shares his experience working on a case study for a company called Pingboard, which opened his eyes to the complexities and demand for such assets.


Joel and his partner have served over 300 clients and told over two thousand stories. Joel emphasizes the need to seize opportunities and avoid getting stuck in doing too many things, highlighting the importance of finding something scalable and taking immediate action.


In terms of creating effective case studies, Joel advises focusing on the emotional aspect and making the audience feel what the characters in the story are feeling. He explains that results should go beyond metrics and focus on the emotional impact and how it improves the customer’s situation. He also discusses the importance of repurposing content and provides various options.


Overall, Episode 149 of the Expert In You Podcast provides valuable insights into the world of case studies and customer stories in marketing. Listeners can gain a deeper understanding of their importance and learn practical tips for creating impactful and relatable content.



Key Moments :


[00:02:20] “Started agency focused on customer case studies.”

[00:06:35] Customer case studies show brand success journey.

[00:10:57] Universal emotion drives action, not just metrics.

[00:14:05] Case studies are a team sport, strategic and focused.

[00:19:03] Leveraging content: repurpose for different audiences.

[00:23:10] Average time for creating content: 40-60 days.


About Joel Klettke :


Joel Klettke began his career in SEO but quickly transitioned into content and copywriting, focusing on conversion copywriting. After completing a project for a company in the hosting space, he was approached to create a case study for another company called Pingboard.

This experience opened his eyes to the complexity and value of customer stories. Recognizing the demand and premium that could be charged for such assets, Joel realized that there were no dedicated teams specializing in customer stories.

He decided to seize this opportunity and build his own team and process around it. Starting as a side project, Joel eventually brought in a partner and grew the business quietly for the first year. Just before the pandemic hit, Joel made it his full-time focus, and now, after almost five years, his company has served over 300 clients and told over two thousand stories. Joel’s story highlights the importance of being open to new opportunities and the potential for success in a niche market.


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