Create Freedom and Balance in Your Business with Katrina Cobb

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Episode Summary –

– Effective business operations require documenting processes, which can be as simple as writing down steps or recording tasks, to efficiently onboard new team members and delegate responsibilities.

– For entrepreneurs and coaches looking to scale, hiring an operations leader or team is crucial once reaching a certain revenue threshold, typically around $15,000 to $20,000 per month, to ensure continued growth without sacrificing profitability.

– Self-awareness about one’s own strengths and weaknesses is vital when building a team, as it may be more beneficial to have a right-hand person manage operations, allowing the business owner to focus on their areas of genius and passion.

Key Moments:

(0:00) Introduction and welcome to Expert In You
(1:04) Guest Introduction: Katrina Cobb, Business Architect and Coach
(2:23) The Role and Challenges of Business Processes in Coaching
(4:22) Building a Business Around Unique Skills: Katrina’s Story
(6:15) Exploring the Abundance of Business Opportunities
(10:34) Sponsor: Promotional Message
(11:06) When and How to Hire for Business Operations
(14:02) Importance of Documenting and Systematizing Tasks for Scaling
(17:26) Understanding the Right Hire for Your Business
(20:13) Closing Remarks and Invitation to a Free Automated Webinar

About Katrina:

Katrina Cobb helps online service providers and visionary coaches create freedom and balance in their business through systems, strategy, & structure. With a masters degree in architecture and sustainable design, Katrina has been applying her ‘architect brain’ to the problem of building and scaling small businesses for more than 14 years, working behind the scenes in everything from brick and mortar businesses to thriving online empires. She applied her design philosophy to her own lifestyle, becoming a digital nomad and location independent coach and consultant, and loves leveraging her gifts for building sustainable and scalable businesses by stepping in as the co-coach or operations leader and right-hand woman to create more space and ease for them to focus on their genius and impact.

Her latest venture is to pursue painting and her creative expression, including some recent gallery shows and an upcoming expo in Europe. You can follow her artistic journey on Instagram at She can otherwise be found enjoying life in a small historic city in Mexico, sipping coffee at cafes or taking photos of the beautiful doorways on her travels.

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