Decide On Success

More than eight years ago I published my first book. “Insider Secrets to Small Business Success.”

I wrote it because I wanted to share with others in small businesses some of the most important things I learned from many years of building businesses for myself.

My hope was to help them have more success and maybe avoid many of the mistakes I made.

It was my first published book, and I often don’t think much about it.

But yesterday on a call with a client, I pulled the book out to discuss the first chapter. “MINDSET.”

If you are in business, it is the most important thing you can have to reach your full potential. Here is just a little of the chapter. Maybe it will help or reach someone today that needs it.


Decide On Success

You must have a success mindset. What do I mean by this? Well, you first must make the decision that you want success.

For many years of growing businesses, I never thought, “I want success.” Don’t misunderstand, I knew I wanted my business to grow, but I didn’t have a success mindset. In fact, my mindset was just the opposite. The mindset I had was, NOT TO FAIL.

They are not the same thing.

To have a success mindset, you must make the conscious decision that you want to succeed. Then you start putting the plan in place to achieve it.

Start to think like other successful people. Do what other successful people do.

Study them, watch them, and learn from them.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

There is nothing you will go through that others have not already gone through. Learn from them.

As I look at the book all these years later, it is not perfect and I would make MANY changes, but the principles, strategies, and concepts are still spot on!

If you are a start-up or not reaching the level you want, this book is a great roadmap to moving forward.

Chapter 1 – Mindset for Success

Chapter 2 – Passion Isn’t Enough

Chapter 3 – Marketing for Money

Chapter 4 – Money Making Skills

Chapter 5 – Make More Money Now

Chapter 6 – Time Is Money

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