Direct Primary Care- Why it is the Next Big Disruptor in the Health and Medical Field with Dr. Vladimir Barayev

Direct Primary Care- Why it is the Next Big Disruptor in the Health and Medical Field with Dr. Vladimir Barayev

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Episode Summary –

A lot of specialties in the medical space have started shifting to concierge services, or direct primary care, as it is mainly known. This is probably the next big disruptor in the health and medical field. But what does it really mean? Why is it valuable to people, and why should people seek these services versus going through the traditional health and medical channels? 

Direct primary care is a cutting-edge health care system that allows patients and providers to interact more directly. Rather than paying for each medical service, patients pay their physicians or practice a set cost per month. This system creates incentives for both parties, as the provider can cut overhead costs and receive higher quality patient care, while the patient receives personalized services from their physician and more control over their own medical decisions.

Dr. Vladimir Barayev shares his journey from traditional to Direct Primary Care in this episode. He talks about why and how he chose this new model, the benefits it offers both patients and physicians, and it’s potential as a major disruptor in the health and medical field.

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Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:50] Dr. Vladimir’s backstory and how he got into medicine, specifically pediatrics.

[07:51] What inspired him to shift into the entrepreneurial path of the clinical practice? Why burnout and lack of good patient care are rampant among physicians

[12:15] Concierge medicine and why it is the next big thing in the medical field. The key benefits of concierge services.  

[19:04] What does primary care look like, what does its cost, and what does the insurance cover?

[23:17] Why primary self-care and concierge services are disruptors in the health sector?

[27:00] How are unprecedented emergencies handled in concierge services?


About Vladimir Barayev – 

Dr. Barayev is a Board Certified pediatrician, Lactation Consultant, and father of two who believes passionately in high-quality and personal care for children. After graduating from the highly selective Sophie Davis school of biomedical education in New York, Dr. Barayev completed his medical degree in New York medical college. He finished his pediatrics residency training at Cohen Children’s Hospital in New Hyde Park, NY, and has spent years working in Washington Heights as well as Staten Island, New York.

His main areas of interest include pediatric obesity and asthma management. He is also interested in advancing the behavioral aspects of lifestyle by helping customize recommendations to individual families based on their preferences, needs, and the current biomedical literature supporting the use of these approaches.

Dr. Barayev believes that good health is a result of good small daily habits. He believes that families should practice healthy daily activities that add to powerful disease prevention over time. He wishes to guide families on this path to better health.


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