It’s NOT about creating and selling lower $$$ programs but OPTIMIZING your business to ELEVATE yourself to work with the top 30% of clients.

The mainstream teaches Coaches and Consultants who want to scale their business beyond six figures to start adding low-ticket courses, memberships, or programs to rise to new levels.

Like this

They think this is passive income, and they are building something significant. Have you done this?

I am not saying this can’t be a great way to scale, but I would challenge you to FIRST OPTIMIZE & LEVEL UP to SUPERCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS 🚀 versus leveling down.

There is nothing wrong with the leveling down model, but unless you are at multi-six figures, it’s hard to have the financial resources you need to make this passive or hands-off.

So, this means you will have to put so much time, energy, and effort into selling things that take loads of people before you make any real money. It is also a lot to manage and will require resources for a bigger team.

So, here is a way to scale and have the money you need to do the low-ticket volume strategy, if you still want to, after making great money.

Most realize they don’t want the headache when they are making great money.

So, to do this, you start by:

✅REDESIGNING your business packages and programs to LEVEL UP and make MORE $$$ per client (without giving away more of your time.) This is the first step in my “Expert In You Business Accelerator & Freedom” Method.

This is the model I use and teach my clients to help them make more per client (and keep clients) to scale WITHOUT the hustle & grind that only brings in a few bucks at a time.

Often when coaches and consultants use this model, they could care less about doing the low-ticket stuff (because usually they have already tried all of that and found out it is exhausting with little reward.)

The so-called value ladder starts at a few dollars as an initial offer, then (hopefully) scales the client up.

My Expert In You Business Accelerator & Freedom Method Model is a top-down approach. But the low is 3k – 25k! I often help coaches and consultants turn their highest offers into their lowest.


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