Does Your EQ Match Your IQ with Susan Gurnik

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Episode Summary –

Becoming a strong leader has been the most struggling part for most entrepreneurs.

The right emotional and intellectual balance is what makes a great leader.

As an entrepreneur, you must know how to express and drive your views and business goals with your team.
Being good with numbers will not necessarily make you a good leader; you must develop the skills.

In this episode, Susan Gurnik talks about the importance of balancing your EQ and IQ mindset. She also discusses the importance of developing skills to level up your business.

In this episode, we share all the details about how you can build a successful Coaching/Consulting business.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Susan talks about the importance of matching your EQ and IQ..
  • What mindset shift do people need to make when leading a team?
  • Susan shares a client’s story of how a mindset shift helped him emerge as a strong leader.
  • Why are more people thinking of building a legacy?
  • Susan talks about the importance of being authentic to become a successful leader/entrepreneur.
  • The importance of customizing your services as per your client’s requirements.

Susan Gurnik works with Leaders who want to up their game without losing themselves in the process.

Susan possesses a gift for helping key talent navigate challenges and reach their full potential. Executives eliminate unconscious self-limiting beliefs, leverage their strengths, and close any performance gaps. Strong leadership and effective management are vastly enhanced. Personal goals are achieved.

Susans team coaching process includes coaching sessions with the group and one-on-one sessions. The team develops greater awareness of each members personal strengths and contribution to the team. Communication and team performance are profoundly improved.

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