Elevating Small Businesses: Social Media is the Modern Way With Courtney McCullagh

Elevating Small Businesses: Social Media is the Modern Way With Courtney McCullagh

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Episode Summary –

In this episode, our guest Courtney McCullagh, founder, and owner of a small business that specializes in social media marketing, shares her expertise on elevating small businesses by handling their social media presence.

She discusses the changing landscape of media consumption, the importance of staying relevant on social media, the role of traditional media, and how businesses can use social media to promote their services and products. Courtney also shares insights on working with her niche clients, who seek a better life, health, wellness, and a brighter future.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[5:35]The role of social media in the changing landscape of news and information consumption.

[8:20]The different levels of client involvement and the importance of communication in marketing collaborations.

[9:15]The role of social media for introverts and the complementarity of traditional marketing strategies.

[12:06] Importance of staying relevant with social media for marketing and staying in the game.

[14:15] The foundation of ethical research and media coverage in Courtney’s journalism education.

[17:04] Social media has changed marketing strategies, but it’s not the only way to promote oneself. One’s personality and networking skills also play a role.

[28:23] Embrace AI, don’t fear it. Integration is the key.

About Courtney McCullagh –

Courtney McCullagh is the founder of Sprinkles Creative, a Dallas-based social media marketing agency, and a lover and advocate of all things Vegan!

She has been in the Dallas area her whole life, while also

traveling the world, showcasing her passions through her Instagram page. Courtney also writes for VegWorld magazine, where she covers vegan news to share how accessible and delicious being vegan can be anywhere.

How to Connect Courtney McCullagh:

Instagrams – https://www.instagram.com/thecolorfulcourtney/



Website: https://sprinkles-creative-llc.square.site/

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