How Executive Leaders, Directors, and Their Teams Can Increase Sales, Drive Performance, and Increase Profit Margin with Rodney Lawson

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Episode Number #122 – How Executive Leaders, Directors, and Their Teams Can Increase Sales, Drive Performance, and Increase Profit Margin with Rodney Lawson

Episode Summary –

Are you an executive leader, director, or sales leader who is struggling to increase sales and profits? Are you looking for ways to increase performance and maximize profit margins? Success in today’s competitive business environment requires agility and adaptability, which call for effective leadership. Consulting and coaching can be a great way to scale the business to that level.

Having the guidance and advice of a consultant or coach can be a valuable resource for businesses. They can help create and develop strategic plans that are aligned with organizational goals, provide insights into leadership styles, and give expertise in areas such as marketing, financial planning, customer experience, product design, and more. Working with consultants or coaches makes it easier to set up systems that better measure success metrics so teams can focus on achieving even greater results.

In this episode, Rodney Lawson, an Executive Success Partner and Business Consultant shares the story of his journey from leaving his corporate job to building a successful consultancy. Hear about his unique LEAD method and why you need to work with him for your business success. Tune in now for an episode you don’t want to miss.

Lets jump in


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:51] How Rodney started his consultancy journey?

[06:10] How have things changed in the business world?

[07:05] The thirty-three and a-third rule of leadership.

[09:31] Rodneys LEAD-UP method and the process he uses to work and help companies.

[17:39] How do the four steps culminate in a world-class organization?


About Rodney Lawson – 

Rodney Lawson is an Executive Success Partner and Business Consultant who partners with Executive Leaders, Directors, and their Teams to increase sales, drive performance, and increase profit margin. He is also a two-time published Bestselling Author.

Rodney has over 23 years of Executive Management, and his track record of success spans a gamut of leadership positions in sales, customer service, operations, account management, and other significant roles. Widely known and recognized for his humanistic yet accountable leadership coaching and development approach, Rodney drives positive performance turnarounds, realizes stellar results, and builds dynamic loyalty.

Rodney has held many positions throughout his tenure, including Chief Operating Officer, Principal Consultant, Vice President, and several Senior Leadership roles. He’s managed an International Operation both domestically and offshore and has a passion for positively impacting and enlightening the lives of those he meets.

Rodney holds an MBA in International Business from Nova Southeastern University and an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix; he completed both disciplines with honors. He is a member of Sigma Beta Delta, which recognizes honorary individuals for their educational excellence in the International Business Sector.

Since eight, Rodney has been disciplined in Martial Arts, studying Isshin Ryu and Shotokan Karate. He holds a Black belt in both art forms and has competed in over 300 competitive events in Kumite and Kata. Rodney enjoys running, sharing knowledge with others, and international travel. He is a firm believer in faith and the proud husband of a beautiful wife, Ancleah Lawson, and father of two, Briana J. Lawson and Rodney L. Lawson Jr.


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