Find the Perfect Fit: Making Hiring Easy and Stress-Free with Dr. Michael Neal

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Episode Number #123 – Find the Perfect Fit: Making Hiring Easy and Stress-Free with Dr. Michael Neal

Episode Summary –

Finding the right employee for a position is essential for any company’s success. An effective recruitment plan can help you save time and money while reducing your risk of investing in an unqualified candidate, and it will boost your company’s morale. However, hiring the perfect candidate is not always easy. Plan ahead and streamline your recruitment process to get the most qualified applicant for the job.

Hiring someone based on a resume and work experience can be a mistake because it does not let you evaluate their natural talent or trustworthiness. To make the process easier, Dr. Michael Neal has developed an automated SaaS platform to help make hiring decisions quickly and accurately. Evaluate candidates based on skillset, ability to perform a specific function, and trustworthiness with this helpful platform.

In this episode, Dr. Mike Neal, the CEO of Build My Team, shares how his own experiences with hiring difficulties inspired him to develop an efficient and automated hiring system. He shows how easy it is to locate the ideal candidate in only five minutes! Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to learn about the power of automated hiring systems.

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Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:17] How Dr. Mike began a Saas hiring program for businesses as a practicing eye expert?

[05:55] Why does Dr. Mikes hiring framework work the best?

[07:51] Why an automated hiring process is more convenient, cheap & efficient than traditional hiring? Finding business freedom through automated systems.

[10:42] How this whole business revolution by Mike began? How long it took for him to get his hands off the business? Does Mike work with other industries or focus on the healthcare space?

[14:34] What do you need to do to access Mikes resources and get his help?


About Dr. Michael Neal – 

Dr. Michael Neal is the Chief Executive Officer at Build My Team. He is the face of the company, having founded Build My Team as a result of his own practices hiring struggles,

Dr. Neal is a practicing Optometrist alongside his wife, Dr. Amy Neal. Together they founded Lakeside Vision in picturesque Hawley, Pennsylvania. They are celebrating their 20th year of servicing Northeast Pennsylvania. Downtime is spent with Amy, their two boys, and two dogs.


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