Escaping the 9-to-5: Kiri Mohan’s Guide to a Successful Freelance Transition

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Episode Summary –

Join expert business coach Ann Carden in the latest Expert In You Podcast episode, ‘Escaping the 9-to-5: Kiri Mohan’s Guide to a Successful Freelance Transition,’ where our guest Kiri Mohan shares her insightful journey from an unfulfilling corporate career to a thriving freelance business.


Discover how Kiri navigated the challenges of pregnancy and corporate support, to not only become a successful virtual assistant but also replace her salary within a year. Dive into a goldmine of strategies to empower your freelance venture, including the transition from hourly rates to tiered pricing and packages.


Kiri talks about the importance of valuing your worth, leveraging corporate experience, setting clear boundaries, and attracting higher-paying clients through tailored language and branding. Whether you want to start your freelance career, elevate your existing business, or simply love insightful discussions with successful women entrepreneurs, this episode is a must-listen.

Plus, learn about Kiri’s podcast, ‘Her Balanced Hustle,’ for more advice on growing and scaling a business while maintaining a work-life balance.


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Key Moments:

00:10 Obsession led to successful part-time work.
05:07 Temporary job finding things for Burning Man.
09:13 Coaching program emphasizes a value-based pricing strategy.
10:38 Clear pricing helps bridge client-freelancer resistance.
14:04 Emphasize availability and turnaround time for clients.
17:43 Transform corporate background into highly paid freelancing.
26:23 Flexible, ambitious, corporate background, tailored professional services.
28:09 Tips for engaging with potential clients online.

About Kiri Mohan:

Kiri Mohan helps women who have a background in the corporate world find freedom and fulfillment by becoming an online freelancer. Her Corporate2Contract course and coaching guides women starting or growing their freelance business to set them up for success, get payment equal to what they were earning in their corporate job, and learn how to stand out in the online world. Kiri believes that there is a way to have a career, a flexible schedule and get paid what you deserve. When not working on her courses or leading women, she is podcasting (Her Balanced Hustle Podcast & Star Wars Meanderings and Ramblings) drinking tea and reading books.

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