The Winning Formula To Build A Lucrative And Impactful Coaching And Consulting Business

What would your life look like if you could consistently bring in $15, 20k, 50k or even $100k or more a MONTH?

What would your life look like if you were consistently bringing in high-paying, high-value clients you love working with and who appreciate you?

I am going to give you what I found to be the winning formula I use myself and teach others to do. The BEAUTIFUL thing is, once you get things working right, you will have a rinse-and-repeat system you can count on to build a dream business.

From there, you can scale and leverage your business to achieve an even higher level of success.

Many coaches and consultants are out there flailing in the wind to try to have success. One month they have many clients with a high income but then they lose a couple of clients and they are back down again. Being on the income roller-coaster is no way to run or enjoy your business.

A MUST read for any coach or consultant wanting to achieve greatness!
You will be glued to every word. It is the best business-building book for coaches and consultants I have ever read. "Ann does not mince words, gets to the point and explains in detail each stage of a coach's journey from beginning to total expert. It is packed with valuable lessons, examples, case studies and a step by step process you can begin implementing immediately. I highly recommend it!"
Wendi Hatton
Essential; Must Have Biz Guidebook 4 Coaches, Consultants & more
Excellent book for new business owners as well as those wanting to scale! Easy to read, understand & most importantly implement! Ann lays everything out in a very straightforward ‘no-nonsense’ approach (much like her webinars & podcasts). I got the kindle version & loving it!"

My first business started in 1991 after leaving a thirteen-year corporate business management position to stay home and raise my babies. Making a move from the west coast to the Midwest to be closer to family, we clearly didn’t think through all the obstacles we would face.

Because of the financial struggles we experienced, I started my entrepreneurial journey that would span over twenty-nine years (as I am writing this book.) Over the twenty-nine years, I have built six businesses from the ground up and have sold five of them for significant profits. My coaching and consulting business is my sixth successful business.

Over the years I have finally “dialed in” what it takes to have a multiple-six-figure or beyond coaching and consulting business you can love, helping clients get great results, making a great income, while still having freedom in your life. These things are why I am writing this book for you.

This book is for the success-minded coaches and consultants or professional service providers who want to reach a higher level in their business. In this book, I am going to provide you with a step-by-step strategic game plan to reach your next level. My hope is when you implement what you learn from this book it will help you change your business and your life. I’m going to teach you how to plan the business and income you want, how to get clients, how to deliver your services, and scale a coaching and consulting business.

This book, “EXPERT IN YOU” – Build a Lucrative and Impactful Coaching and Consulting Business From Your Xpertise, is a strategic game-plan for you.

There are plenty of coaches just getting started in their business and they may be earning a few thousand dollars a month on a consistent basis, but they are barely getting by. Making low monthly revenue makes it difficult financially to invest in themselves or their business for growth.

A lack of financial resources will limit their influence, impact and freedom. They ultimately can’t scale their business because they don’t have consistent leads, appointments, clients, or money.

This results in coaches having to work with difficult clients; taking anyone who can pay them (even if it is a little.) Because they struggle financially, they often aren’t able to develop a working process or systems to reach higher levels of revenue or income.

I am here to tell you that the strategies and plans I have put into this book are not the only way to build a lucrative business, but they are the effective strategies I use and teach that have allowed me to build a business beyond my wildest dreams, without sacrificing the quality of my life. You can have this too!

I bought Ann's book because she's a respected advisor to coaches and consultants and because she's got a track record I respect. This book is a relatively quick and easy read. Why? There's no 'filler' material. Ann knows her stuff. She outlines the essential elements of how to grow a coaching or consulting practice and combines them with pragmatic, field-tested ideas that work.
The best thing I took away from Ann's book is her admonition to not try to be all things to all people. Most coaches, especially newer ones, don't focus on developing their one 'core' program or coaching package. That's huge. If you've been in coaching any time at all, you know it. If you're a new or newer coach, the sooner you get that, the better. That's just one of many rarified air insights that are loaded into the pages of this book.
I'm biased. In Ann's favor. I've read a number of books by people who claim to be gurus on consulting and how to build a practice if you are a coach or consultant. Unfortunately very few come close to what Ann's sharing here. If you're a coach who's stuck and need advice and guidance on how to grow to the next level, invest in this book.
Bill Doerr

About The Author Ann Carden

With more than forty-one years of business, marketing, sales & management experience and coaching and consulting hundreds of coaches, entrepreneur’s and owners in over fifty different industries to more success, Ann knows what it takes to succeed in all areas of business.


Ann has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who In America For Professional Women Biographical Registries. She is a three-time published Author for business and marketing success and her latest book was a #1 International Bestseller. She has been featured on the affiliates of ABC, NBC, CW and FOX, among many other media out-lets.